Edit a Quest form


Why is this important?

It's inevitable that your users will occasionally make errors when completing forms with jobseekers. They may not realise until after they have submitted the form. And then it's too late to make changes. 


In instances wherein you need to print a form or store accurate information, you can edit a form's contents.  

How to edit a Quest form

You will need:

  1. Navigate to the Quest site by entering the URL in your browser
  2. From the All forms list, Click on the desired form
  3. Click on Submissions from the toolbar
  4. Scroll to the submission you wish to edit, and Click on the "stream_participant_" red Hypertext
  5. Click on Edit
  6. Make changes to the form
  7. Select Submit Form

This edit will override the answers of the original submission.

The Created At and Submitted At date and time will remain the same as the original submission. 







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