Add a logo template to Quest


Why is this important?

We know that presentation is important.

Quest forms will often get saved to PDF, and emailed to job seekers or employers, and other third parties alike. 

Framing the form with a professional-looking header provides a polished finish. With your own logo, your outgoing forms are instantly recognisable as from your organisation.

How to add a logo template

Logo branding can be applied to your form, by first configuring logo templates. 


You will need:

  • Quest URL
  • Microsoft Word, or another word processor
  1. Open a new document in Word
  2. Adjust the margins to accommodate a header image. 
  3. Paste your header or logo image in the desired position on the top of the page. The image must be within the dimensions as follows:
    30mm x 50mm
    The logo can be smaller, but no larger than the dimensions above.
  4. Go to File > Save as Adobe PDF. If this is not available in your word processor, go to File > Save As > Select Adobe PDF in the "Save as type" field.
  5. Navigate to the Quest site by entering the Quest URL into your browser.
  6. Go to 'PDF Templates' in the header main menu.
  7. Click on New PDF Template.
  8. Upload the PDF document you just created.
    You can add multiple templates. These will be the options users can choose from, that will merge when they Download a completed Quest form.


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