Clone your Quest form

Why is this important?

Need to create a form almost identical to the one you just created?
Because of cloning, you won't need to recreate it from scratch.
Cloning your form lets you create almost identical versions of a form instantly.

Let's examine another scenario.

You've perfected your form in Staging Quest and you're ready to make it Live. You can't wait for users to start putting your hard work to use. Cloning lets you enter the exact same form into Production Quest! So it can be used in Products ASAP. No starting from scratch in Production needed.

How to clone a Quest form

Cloning a form is achieved by importing and exporting your forms. You use this technique to:

  • Create versions of a form
  • Move forms to and from Production / Staging Quest sites

In order to clone a Quest form, you must have completed the below steps:

You will need:

Navigate to the Quest site by entering the URL in your browser 

  1. Click on 'Forms', and navigate to the form you wish to clone. 
  2. Under the Action column, Click on export. A plain text (.json) file will download.
  3. Select the Import button from the toolbar. 
  4. Name the clone.
    Example "Form Version 2" 
  5. Upload the .json file that you just downloaded.
  6. Select Create import form.
  7. Click on the form you imported, to make any changes to the section or questions. 
  8. Click on Actions > Edit form to make changes to the tags, description text, or activate merge fields.  

The clone is now the new version, with a different name and slightly different contents.

How to move your form staging Quest to Production Quest

  1. Navigate to the Quest site you wish to move clone the form. Enter the URL in your browser (Staging Quest or Production quest will have different URLs). See Quest URLs.
  2. Click on "Forms", and navigate to the form you want to clone.
  3. Click on the export icon, under the Action column. A plain text (.json) file will download.
  4. Navigate to the destination Quest site (Production Quest, or Staging Quest), by entering the corresponding destination URL in your browser. Refer to Quest URLs.
  5. Select the Import button from the toolbar. 
  6. Name the form as you intend it to appear to the user. 
  7. Upload the .json file that you just downloaded
  8. Select Create import form.

You're done! You can move forms back and forth across staging Quest and Production Quest by importing and exporting the forms as many times as needed. 



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