Create a Quest form

How to create a Quest form

You will need:

  1. Copy and paste the Quest URL into your browser. 
  2. Select '+New' 
  3. Enter the appropriate fields to set up your form, and click Create Form.


  1. The name of the form as it will appear in Job Ready
  2. Text describing the form to provide context to the user. Appears under the form name.
  3. Text directing the user on how to answer the questions in the form. Appears in blue text under the description. Optional.
  4. The template that the form will be formatted in. The template will default to Flaty. 
  5. Quest Tags activate the form in targetted areas of the site. Review the Full list of Quest tags, and copy + paste the tags corresponding to where you want the form accessible from in Job Ready.
    Example: neptune-jobseeker
    This tag will allow the form to be completed by users from the jobseeker record > forms > '+'.
    You can add multiple tags, to activate it in multiple sections, but they must be separated by a single space.
  6. Choosing a merge field type here, will allow merge fields to be added later on when you start creating questions and answers.
    • "Default":
      Activates the ability to add following merge fields:
      • Current Date and time
      • Current time
      • Today's date
      • The number "1" merged
    • "Jobseeker":
      Activates the ability to add following merge fields:
      • Jobseeker name
      • Jobseeker ID
      • Current Date and time
      • Current time
      • Today's date
      • The number "1" merged


Congrats, you've now built the scaffold of your form! Now it's time to start building sections with questions.

Create a section 

  1. Click into the form you have just created, and press New Section.
  2. Add the name of the Section and a description, if applicable.
    This text describes the section's contents and provides context to the user. It appears under the section name.
  3. Select 'Create Section'.
  4. Repeat the above steps, to create more sections. 
  5. Select Reorder, and drag and drop the section in the desired spot to re-order the sections you have created. 


Create a question

  1. Click on the section name that you just created. You can navigate here at any time by clicking on the form name and then the desired section.
  2. Enter the details that correspond with the type of question you want to create.
  3. Select Create Field.  
  4. To create more questions in the section, repeat the above steps.
  5. Select Reorder from the toolbar.
  6. Drag and drop the question in the desired spot to order the questions you have created.


  1. The field type of the answer
    • You will be able to enter the response options available for users to select for the element radio button and dropdown.  Enter the response options under the Add Options panel that appears once these elements are selected.
    • The Comment element is used for generating bullet-point summaries and recommendations.
  2. Label. The question text  
  3. Help text is directions to the user, or additional information to help them answer the question.
  4. For setting up dependent questions.  Select a question if you want this label to only appear based on another question's response. Select the question that the dependent response answers to. 
  5. The dependent response. This is the response to the question selected in [4] that this label is dependent on. This label will only appear based on another question's response. 
  6. Type of merge field, if applicable. Select if you want the response to this question to automatically populate with data from Job Ready. 
  7. Locks the user from editing the response field when merge fields have been used.
  8. Makes the question a mandatory field. Stops the user from submitting a form until this response has been populated.



Types of Elements:



  1. Short Text
  2. Long Text 
  3. Checkbox 
  4. Likert
  5. Dropdown
  6. Email
  7. Date
  8. Date and Time
  9. Time
  10. Radio Button

That's your first form done! The basics are all there. You are ready to submit and access your form!

Before you do, consider adding the below to make the most out of your form:

  • Add scores to your Quest form
  • Create recommendations/summary text for your Quest form
  • Configure a smart form in Admin settings
  • Configure a Post Placement / Ongoing Support support form



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