Email a Quest / Smart form

Why is this important?

No more hassle of downloading a document before emailing it!

Need to quickly email a completed form, full with branding? It's just one click away!

Often you'll have to email what you have captured in a smart form or regular quest form.

That's why we have made sure that a Quest form is the easiest thing to email in the entire system. 


How it works

As soon as you submit a form - you can go straight to the Email tab. Simply tick the form you want to attach as a PDF out of all the forms ever submitted for that jobseeker or employer. 


How to email a Quest form 

In order to email a Quest form, you will first need to have completed the following steps:

  • Create a Quest form 
  • Submit a Quest form or Smart form 
  • Upload a PDF template in Quest  


  1. Navigate to the record that the form was submitted from
  2. Go to the Email tab
  3. Click on +
  4. Scroll down to Completed Forms
  5. Tick the Quest form(s) that you want to attach to the email. They will appear as a PDF to the email recipient 
  6. Choose the logo branding you want to merge as a header. The dropdown menu will be based on the templates you have previously added in PDF templates.
  7. Select Without Template to attach the for without a header logo
  8. Enter the remaining details you wish the email to contain in the fields below:





  1. The jobseeker's email address. Will default to the address saved in the Key Information panel of the jobseeker record that has come from ESS. 
  2. The current user's email. Will default to the email address saved in the current user's profile, from admin settings. 
  3. CarbonCopy field. Enter another email address and this email will also send to that recipient. 
  4. Blind Carbon Copy field. Email of the recipients who are being informed about the email secretively to remain invisible to others.
  5. Choose an email template, if applicable, and the text of that template will auto-populate. The template list derives from the templates created in Admin settings. 
  6. Will the be subject line of the email
  7. The body contents of the email
  8.  A list of all the files you have saved in the Documents tab of either the jobseeker record or the placement record that the jobseeker is attached to. Tick the ones you want to attach to the email, if applicable. 
  9. Where you select the PDF template with the desired header logo  
  10. The list of all the Quest forms that have been submitted to date 
  11. Where you can attach other documents that are not Quest forms or have been saved as in the documents tab yet.

    All files you attach here will be automatically uploaded in the Documents tab of the jobseeker. 

Click send!

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