The Traffic Light System

Job Ready has employed a traffic light system to help you recognise the level of engagement you and your fellow users of Job Ready have had with Employers. 



'This Employer is not account managed AND has not been contacted in the last 5 days'


Green is representative of GO. Meaning that this is employer has not been assigned an account manager (they are all yours) and is ready to be contacted, so GO for it!



'This Employer is account managed, but has not been contacted in the last 30 days'


Amber represents that there is an account manager assigned to the employer however, they have not been contacted in the last 30 days. Some communications could be made after liaising with the account manager to ensure that you and your job seekers are kept in mind.  



'This employer is account managed and has been contacted in the last 30 days'


Red is representative of STOP. There is no need for action as the employer has an assigned account manager who has been in contacted with the employer in the last 30 days. You are up to date with communications and do not need to employ any further actions. 


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