How to Reset a Password

The below article will assist you in resetting a password in Job Ready. This functionality is restricted to Admin Users.

Please note: If you require a password reset please notify your administrator. Job Ready staff will not update User profiles on behalf of Administrators.   


Why is this important?

Remembering passwords is hard. We're all human, and we've all sat frustrated in front of our devices racking our brains to try and remember a password we've set. Knowing how to reset passwords for your Users helps them to get back into Job Ready quickly, so that they can get back to doing their best work.


Resetting a Password

  1.  As the Administrator select Admin, then select Users from the menu.admintousers.png

  2. Search for the user by name.

    Note: Please make sure the correct user is selected.

  3. Once you have found the affected user, select the ... symbol next to the user's name.ellipses.png

  4. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Get Password Reset Link.

  5. The following message will appear:

    Select OK.

  6. An additional message will appear with a password reset link. Copy the link and send it to the affected user.

    Please note that this link is not automatically sent to the affected user, you will need to copy and send by your preferred digital communications.

  7. The user will select the link and be directed to the Change Your Password window. Once your user has entered and confirmed a new password, they can click on Change My Password to proceed.password_7.png


And you're done! Your User's password is successfully reset. 



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