How to Edit User Information

This article will walk you through how to update a user's information in Job Ready. This functionality is restricted to Administrators only.


Why is this important?

A User's settings contain all of the permissions, contact details and ESS mnemonics needed for your User to conduct their best work in Job Ready. If you need to add or revoke permissions, update email addresses, change an ESS ID or grant your User a new role, this is the place to do it.


The Basics

  1. On your dashboard select the Admin icon, then select Users on the left hand side.admintousers.png

  2. Search for the User whose information you wish to edit

  3. When you have found the desired user select ... on the right hand side of the user.

  4. In this window you can edit your User's details. In this window, you can edit a User's permissions and Role within Job Ready, as well as their ESS Identifier, contact information, name, job title, site restrictions, programmes, expense delegations, and their email signature.

    The User will receive confirmation via email if their details have been updated in Job Ready.

  5. Select Save User when you are satisfied with the changes.


If you are changing a User's email address

  1.  The below notification email will be sent to the User's previous email address. The email sent to the previous email address requires no action from the User.Screen_Shot_2020-06-17_at_12.41.36_pm.png

  2. The below email will be sent to the updated email address.

    Note: The user will be required to follow the Confirm my email link to authorise the change.

    Your user will have the Not Invited tag assigned to them until their new email address is confirmed.


Viewing Your Changes

To view the changes select the View User button.




The View User screen will show some of the changes for the User's profile like their name and their email address, as well as the User's activity. If a User's email address has been changed but is still waiting to be actioned, their Pending email address will also appear on this screen.



You're done! Your User's information has been updated. 



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