How to Invite and Re-Invite a User

This article outlines how to invite and re-invite users to Job Ready.

Please note that this article is intended for Administrators only. If you are a User awaiting access to Job Ready, please contact your Administrator in the first instance. Job Ready staff will not make any changes to a User's account on behalf of an Administrator.


Inviting a User

  1. On your dashboard select the Admin icon, then select Users from the sidebar. admintousers.png

  2. In the Users window, find the user you wish to invite. The User will have Not Invited tagged on their entry

  3. On the right hand side of the users name click on ... and select Invite User.

  4. Once you have invited the user, they will receive an email from which will prompt them to accept the invitation.

    Didn't receive the email? Make sure to check all email folders, including Spam, for the invitation.

    Re-Inviting a User

    Gremlins ate the invitation? Link not working? No worries. Should there be a need to re-invite a user just follow steps 1 and 2, then complete the steps below.

  5. In the Users window, find the user you wish to re-invite. Click on the ... button once more, then select Reinvite User.

  6. Job Ready will prompt you with the below message


Click OK. The invited User should receive an email from and follow the instructions.


Your user should now be able to access Job Ready! If your User is still having issues accessing Job Ready, try generating and sending the user a Password Reset link by following our article on How to Reset a Password. 

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