Adjusting a Claims Date

There are a few ways to manipulate the dates of your claims in Job Ready. You can change the date for any claim by simply selecting the Placement you wish to alter the claim for and follow the below steps.


  1. Permissible breaks function - Here you can edit and move the date as needed. There is the ability to add multiple dates to the claim as needed to reflect the any breaks to the placement.
    • From the desired claims page select Permissible Breaks

      From this window you are able to manipulate the start and end date attached to the claim. Here you can upload any files relating to this change and add additional permissible breaks as needed.
      Then select Save Permissible Breaks

      The newly entered permissible break will now be displayed on the Placement's page under Permissible Breaks. To edit select the Edit function displayed along side the claim.

      The change in date will be reflected in the Claims index found on the left hand side. Job Ready will calculate all due on dates in line with the dates entered.

  2. Outcome Start Date 26 Week Function.
    • To edit this date select Edit from the Placement Detail.

      In this window you can change the date as needed. There is functionality to override the start date and the outcome start date for the 26 week claim.
      Then select Save.Screen_Shot_2020-09-24_at_12.31.49_pm.png

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