Update Support Schedule as a Bulk Action

This article will outline the steps to take to update your support tracker schedule and records.

  1. On your dashboard select 'Placements' then 'All Placements'

  2. The below window will display all results. Please add any applicable filters in '+ Add Filter' then select 'Apply'
    • Note: Should no results appear in your Placements window please refer to step 7 and contact us for additional support.Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_11.43.28_am.png

  3. You can select individual results by selecting the radio button next to the desired result.
    • Alternatively you can select all 25 placements on the page by selecting the radio button next to 'Programme'.
      • Note: Should you want to select all results do not select anything and proceed to step 4.Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_11.43.43_am.png

  4. To update the support schedule for the desired placements select 'Bulk Actions' then 'Update Support Schedule'Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.54.01_pm.png

  5. No matter how many results you selected this window will reflect your previous action. To proceed select 'Proceed and Prepare Records'


  6. Please fill out the below.
    • Note: All fields with an asterix are mandatory 

    • 6.1 Please select the date you wish the next support due date to beScreen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.55.26_pm.png

    • 6.2 From the dropdown please select the frequency of the support scheduleScreen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.55.56_pm.png

    • 6.3 From the dropdown box please select from the list who will manage the supportScreen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.56.27_pm.png

    • 6.4 Please provide a reason for the schedule change Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.57.16_pm.png

    • 6.5 Select 'Update Support Schedule'

  7. This step are for those users who are having difficulties accessing their desired schedules to update. It could be that you need to update the placements with the ability for 'Can bulk update support schedule'. Please contact us for additional support

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