How to Manage your Outcome Tracker

This article will take you through the steps on how to clean up your outcome tracker and mark outdated claims as NON PAYABLE.

Note: Please ensure that this process is conducted in your STAGING SITE as this action is irreversible. Please notify us when you have completed the process.

You will be looking at removing claims from before July 2018.

  1. On the landing page select "Finance" then "All Claims

  2. On the "Claims" Page select "+ Add Filter" then search "Due Date


    and "Claims State"

    • 2.1 Under "Due Date" 
      • From - leave blank
      • To - Select 1.07.2018 then "Apply"

  3. This window will display all the claims that are in Job Ready up until 1st July 2018. Should you not have any claims visible please proceed to step 7.
    • Each page will display 25 claims
    • You can individually select these claims or you can bulk select through the radio button next to "Program". This action will select the 25 claims displayed on the window. Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.42.52_pm.png

    • 3.1 Alternatively, DO NOT not select any claims. Select "Bulk Actions" then "Mark as Non Payable". This action will automatically select 100 claims.Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_10.40.00_am.png

  4. Once your desired claims have been selected proceed to "Bulk Actions" the "Mark as Non Payable"Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_10.40.00_am.png

  5. A window "Mark as Non Payable Bulk" will present. Please read the note and select "Proceed and Prepare Records"Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_10.41.36_am.png

    Note: The bulk update is limited to 100 records at a time and after the process is complete, you need to give it time to reindex in the list page. PLEASE DO NOT ACTION TWICE
    For confirmation please review via the placement to confirm the action has been performed should there be doubt.

  6. The below window will appear should there be any issues with marking claims as non payable.
    • Please review and select "Mark as Non Payable" to proceedScreen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.47.21_pm.png
  7. Should you be unable to bulk mark your claims please contact us. These claims will need to be modified before you can perform this action.Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_10.40.23_am.png










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