Fact Sheet: Transition to Work Education Placements and Outcomes

Education Outcomes pertain to claims for education-related activities that a Job Seeker might undertake. Education Placements are also referred to as Activity Placements in Job Ready. These claims come from ESS, just like any other TtW claim.

About Transition to Work Education Placements

  • The Activity Start Date will be called the Placement Start Date on a Placement record.


  • The Activity Claim Due Date is 6 months (26 weeks) from the Activity Start Date. This is based on the ESS TtW Deed.


  • To view all Transition to Work Education Placements in the All Placements index, you can filter your results with the following filter:



Syncing Education Placements from ESS to Job Ready

You can create an Activity Placement subscription to sync data from ESS to Job Ready. For more information on how to create a Transition to Work subscription, you can read our article on the topic here.

The name of the subscription and the filters needed when creating this subscription are as follows:


Sub258 (TTW08) Activity Placement

ORG: selected_all

Region: selected_all

Site: selected_all

Timing: daily

About Education Claims

Education Claims come across to Job Ready based on the Activity Sub-Type. To sync claims from ESS to Job Ready, the Activity Sub-Type must be one of the following:



Advanced Diploma


Associate Degree


Accredited Units – LLN


Accredited Units


Bachelor Degree


Certificate 3




Certificate 4






Skills for Education and Employment


Master Degree


Certificate 3 in Micro Business Mgt


Certificate 4 New Small Business


Postgraduate Certificate


Postgraduate Diploma




Secondary School - Year 12


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