Creating a Subscription for Provider Tags in Job Ready

Why is this important?

A Provider Tags subscription imports the information on Tags applied to Job Seekers through the Job Seeker/Participant Tag functionality in ESS. This includes information on a client's COVID-19 vaccination status. This information will be displayed on a Job Seeker's show page in Job Ready.


How to Create a Subscription

You will need:

  • The DES, jobActive and/or ParentsNext Programme enabled in Job Ready
  • ESP Access in ESS Web: ensuring your role is set to ESP

  1. Login to ECSN, and click on 'Employment Services Reporting'
  2. Select Reports from the main menu.
  3. In the search bar under Reports, search for the Subscription Code that corresponds to the data you want in Job Ready.

    jobActive Provider TagsDisability Employment Services Provider TagsParentsNext Provider Tags

    Please note that Provider Tags are currently unavailable for the Transition to Work (TtW) programme.

  4. Click on the Sonar icon of the desired subscription report.

  5. Select the filters corresponding to the desired subscription. The table below lists the filters you will need to select for each subscription. The must be exactly as below for the report to work in Job Ready.

    jobActive Provider Tags
    DES Provider Tags
    Parent Next
    Provider Tags
    Site: All Selected
    Category: All Selected 
    Site: All Selected
    Category:All Selected 
    Site: All Selected
    Category:All Selected 
  6. Enter your organisation's details, and in the Subscription name field enter the name in the following format:
    Sub###-JOBREADY-<Provider Name>-DDMMYYYY
  7. Click on View Report
  8. Once the success message appears confirming the creation,  navigate back to the ESR homepage.

  9. Select "Subscriptions" from the main menu
  10. Navigate to the Subscription just created and click Manage.
  11. Copy the 6 digit code at the end of the URL at the top of your screen.
  12. Email the code and the Subscription Name to your Job Ready contact or via Zendesk Support. 

You're done! Our team will handle the rest from here and will be back in touch once the Subscriptions are set up and ready to test. After set-up is complete, you'll start seeing Provider Tags populate in Job Seeker records.



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