Adding a Logo/Branding to your Email

Here we will walk you through how to set up your branding. Including adding a logo to a region, email signature and sending an email with a signature.


Adding a Logo to a Region

  1. In the administration page index list select Site Groups.
  2. From here you can add a Region or select a region from the list. (You can see how to add a region here.)
    A logo can be added individually to each region in the list. Alternatively if an All Regions is added then the logo applied to this region will apply to all regions.
    Select +.
    Note: To edit a region the user must be assigned to that region. This can be done in the users profile.
  3. Or select Edit if the site region already exists.
  4. In this window you will need to add a Name, the user who's signature this will be used for and add a logo.
    To add a logo upload the file in this window by selecting Choose File.Screen_Shot_2021-01-12_at_11.14.36_am.png
  5. Then select save Save Site Grouping

Email Signature

To create an email signature you will need to first create an email template.

  1. Upload the appropriate branding that is required for template use. This can be done be going into the administration settings and clicking on Options tab. This should open up a window which allows you to upload the image. Capture_350.PNG
  2. In the administration index list select Email Template.
  3. Add a new email template +.
  4. In this window add a name, subject (can be left blank) and add the text in the content section.Screen_Shot_2020-11-05_at_12.28.41_pm.png
  5. Select Merge Fields
    Then Current User. From this list select Current User Member LogoScreen_Shot_2020-11-05_at_1.13.14_pm.png
  6. Select all the areas you wish this template to be effective from the Type list. 
  7. Then select Create Email Template.
    The newly created email template will now be visible in the Email Template Index list.

Sending an Email

  1. To send an email to a Job Seeker with the email template attached select Job Seekers from the home page index list.
  2. Search for the Job Seeker you wish to send an email to.
  3. In the Job Seeker profile page select Emails from the index list.
  4. Then select add email +.
  5. In the below window you will curate the email.
    Please ensure that the recipient and the senders details are correct in the To and From fields.
    From the Template drop down list select the appropriate email template. This will then populate in the Body field. Add any relevant text to the body of the email.
    Up to 10 files can be attached to the email by drag and drop functionality.Screen_Shot_2020-11-05_at_12.30.45_pm.png 
  6. When the email is ready select Create email

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