Wage Subsidy Workflow

There are two ways to manage the workflow around wage subsidies in Job Ready

The first being that the entire amount of the wage subsidy is approved by the permitted approver. The user will then set reminders in Job Ready to prompt when instalments are to be made over the duration of the agreement. Please follow Option 1 should you choose to manage wage subsidies in this fashion.

The second being that individual expenses are created for each instalment of the wage subsidy over the duration of the agreement. Meaning that the permitted approver has only approved a potion of the wage subsidy at one time. Please follow Option 2 should you choose to manage wage subsidies in this fashion.

Regardless of the workflow you choose the finished result will be visible to you on the Job Seeker Profile under Expenses.

Note: For Option 2 you will need to have New Purchase Orders active in your system. You will find this under the Finance index tab. Should this not be available to you please contact us to discuss further.


Option 1.

Implementing a Wage Subsidy via and Individual Expense.

  • Follow the normal expense approval workflow to add a wage subsidy as an expense, you can find the process for this here.
    1. To set a reminder for each instalment you will need to search for the Expense and set a reminder from here.
      When you have found the correct expense, select Reminders found in the index column.
    2. Set reminders as needed by selecting +. These will then display in the widgets on your dashboard.Screen_Shot_2020-10-27_at_10.28.33_am.png
      To review an article on how to set a reminder select here.
      Note: The reminder date will need to be set according to specific needs of the wage subsidy and their workflow.
    3. When these reminders have been implemented in Job Ready you will need to action them as they become relevant.
    4. Each time a reminder is actioned and the expense is paid the user will need to manually update the invoice. This can be done by selecting Edit on the invoice found on the expenses profile page. Screen_Shot_2020-10-27_at_11.02.41_am.png
    5. Here you can add the amount paid to the existing sum under Invoice Total. Then select Update Expense.Screen_Shot_2020-10-27_at_11.02.55_am.png
    6. When all reminders have been actioned and the wage subsidy has been paid in full, the invoice will be ready to close.
      Select Edit Finance Status.
      In this window select the most relevant Finance Status and fill in any other fields.
      Then select Save.



Option 2.

Implementing a Wage Subsidy via Supplier Purchase Order.

Creating separate instalments for a wage subsidy can be done by creating individual purchase orders. These purchase orders will need to have reminders set in Job Ready. To do this follow the below steps.

  • Under Finance on the index list select New Purchase Order.
    1. Here you will create individual purchase orders for the one wage subsidy as needed according to the date the instalments needs to be actioned.
      Under Expense Payment Type select Wage Subsidy.
      Note: It is advised to label these as Instalment 1, Instalment 2, Instalment 3 etc. Screen_Shot_2020-10-27_at_11.26.28_am.png
      These instalments will now be visible in the profile page under Expenses.
    2. As per your organisations requirements please view upcoming instalments on the Expenses list page.
      Please see the below for an example of filters you may use to find the expense. As always, select Apply to view the most recent expense list.Screen_Shot_2020-12-11_at_10.09.44_am.png
    3. When each instalment has been paid the sum paid out will need to be updated in the invoice. Follow from step 1.4 to complete this workflow. 


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