Pushing Data to ESS

Job Ready works in conjunction with ESS by having two way communication. Pushing Data to ESS, means that information entered in Job Ready will be uploaded to ESS. In reverse data entered to ESS will download to Job Ready and this occurs on a daily basis. 

Data which can be pushed to ESS is limited to information entered regarding Employers and Vacancies. Entering information regarding an employer or a placement in Job Ready then enabling the push functionality will ensure that this data will be in ESS the next day. 

Benefits of using this functionality are that entering data relating to employers and vacancies will only need to be done in Job Ready as using "Push to ESS Function" will ensure this data will be stored in ESS. 


Enabling the correct setting

To enable a user to have the ability to use this function the setting needs to be selected in the users profile. This action needs to be performed by the Administrator.

  1. To perform this action select the relevant user profile.
  2. Then select Edit.
  3. In the below window please ensure that both Employer ess service and Vacancy ess service have been selected.Screen_Shot_2020-10-02_at_11.13.05_am.png

Note: Should this function not be available to you, and this is a feature that you are interested in. Please contact the Job Ready team to discuss further.



Each and every Employer profile in Job Ready will need to be pushed to ESS.

If an employer profile has not been pushed to ESS a Send To ESS button will be visible in the employers profile under ESS Data. 


A successfully pushed profile will show the employers ESS ID under ESS Data.

To push an employer to ESS select Send To ESS


The below window will need to be complete before selecting Create Employer. It is crucial that a contact is associated with the employer and has been selected before Job Ready will accept the employer to be pushed to ESS. 


This will send the data entered in the employers profile to ESS. The employer profile will reflect that the action is being processes by displaying Processing in the ESS Data section. 



Overnight the data will be uploaded to ESS. When the data has been received by ESS an Employer ID will generate and will feature in the ESS Data section of the employer profile. This number will now be attached to the employer in the future.


For confirmation that this process has been actioned you can view the history under ESS Events in the employer profile index list.


Here you will the the history of the employer with ESS.


Note: This action only needs to occur once per employer profile. ESS will not accept the postcode of the employer to end in 000 eg; 3000, will not be accepted. Please insert the nearest relevant postcode eg; 3001

Outlined below is an error message regarding this issue and will be found in the ESS Events index page. 




When a vacancy is entered to Job Ready and is attached to an existing Employer who has already been pushed to ESS, the ESS Data section of the vacancy profile will reflect Send to ESS.


Select Send To ESS to push the vacancy.


When ESS has received the data the vacancy profile will reflect a Vacancy ID symbolising that the action was successful. 


Note: A vacancy can only be pushed to ESS if the correlating employer has been pushed to ESS previously Please follow the steps to Set Employer ESS ID.


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