Adding and Managing an Employer Profile

Job Ready allows you to add Employers to the system should they not have entered in and downloaded from ESS, or, if you are waiting for the ESS download (due to happen the next day) you can follow these steps.

In saying that Job Ready has the ability to feed information to ESS about a new Employer record. Please see step 8.

Note: There is no availability to merge Employer records. Should a record have been entered manually and a download from ESS occurs a duplicate record will appear. Should there be a duplicate record in Job Ready there is a feature allowing you to tag one of the records as do not use. This can be selected when editing the Employer records. See step 5. 

  1. To add a new employer record select Employers then New Employer.
  2. In the New Employer window all fields marked with an asterix * are mandatory. Please fill out the required fields.
    There is the ability to search for the ABN you wish to attach to the Employer. Select Lookup ABN.
    ANZSIC refers to the industry the Employer is associated with.
    JPO is the Job Placement Officer who will be in contact with the Employer. This person will be from your organisation.Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_11.11.31_am.pngWhen all the fields have been entered please select Save Employer.
  3. To search for an employer select Employers then All Employers.
  4. The Employer index page will show all the employers recorded in Job Ready. From here you can apply filters to search for a particular Employer.
    The Employers will be colour coded. These colours relate to the amount of engagement and activity your organisation has had with them.
    Green: the Employer has no Account Manager
    Yellow: the Employer is being managed, but hasn't had a Note created against it for the last 30 daysScreen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_11.13.45_am.png
    Red: the Employer is being managed, and is currently being engaged (has Notes created against it within the last 30 days or less
  5. To view the Employer record select the record you wish view. The record will show all the dealings your organisation has had with the employer.
    From here you can edit the employer information and select the record as DO NOT USE this company should this be necessary.
  6. Select the Edit button adjacent to Employer Details.Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.24.37_pm.png
    From here you can edit any details you wish the record to reflect. Including the DO NOT USE this company function. Then select Save Employer
  7. On the left hand side of the employer record you are able to view the index page where you will find any notes, emails, reminders and comments associated with the employer.
    To add a new reminder select either select Reminders the the + symbol. Or Add Reminder Schedule found under the employer name.
    Here you can create a reminder and set the reminder with dates and times for Job Ready to prompt you. Then select Create Reminder.
    Under the employers name you can also find the Add Document button where you can upload any files you wish to attach to the record.
    Drag and drop the files as needed. Then select Add Attachments.
    The top right hand side of the employer record will give you a summary of the engagement your organisation has with the employer.
    The summary buttons present information for key engagement activities with the employer. These activities include; Claims due in the next 6 months, Placements, Vacancies and Days since last contact.
    By clicking on a summary button, the user will be directed to the relevant page to access the detailed list of activities.
  8. Select the Send to ESS button will prompt Job Ready to send the record to ESS. This feature saves you from entering the new employer details in both Job Ready and ESS.
    To enable this functionality the Administrator needs to select Employer ess servicein the users profile.
    1. Select the Admin button on your index page.
    2. Search for the user you wish to edit under the Users tab.
      Then select Edit.
    3. From here you need to check the Employer ess service. This will allow the user functionality to send information to ESS.Screen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_11.20.14_am.png
  9. The Key Information section of the employer profile presents the history of key engagement activities for your organisation has had with the employer as obtained from ESS. This information is represented by engagement type, with the number enclosed in brackets e.g (1) followed by the latest activity for that engagement type.Key_Information.png

By clicking on the green icon, a list of the history will appear in a read-only list for review.


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