Saving Search Filters

Saving your preferred Search Filters can be done on all index pages in Job Ready. Each saved search will only be applicable on the index page you initially saved the search.

  1. Select the index page you wish to explore.
    Then select + Add Filter
    You can add as many filters to as you need.
    Note: If a filter with a date range has been selected the system will save the date you originally entered and saved when using the Saved Search in future.
  2.  When you have selected the desired filters select Apply. The system will populate a list of results.
  3.  When you are happy with the search and its results you can save these filter by selecting Save Search
    Here you can label your search. Then select Save.
  4. To search for your saved search select Saved Searches. Your saved search will appear here. Select the relevant search.
  5. When the saved search is visible select Apply.

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