Managing Appointments for DES

Any Appointment that you see in Job Ready have been downloaded from ESS.

There is no ability to manually add an appointment in Job Ready. All appointments will need to be added to ESS.

The following day (after Job Ready has downloaded new information from ESS) you will be able to see the newly added appointment in Job Ready.

There are several ways to add notes and action these appointments.  This article will take you through these steps.

Note: Appointments actioned in Job Ready will need to also be action in ESS. Job Ready does not upload information to ESS.

Appointments will be visible in a Job Seekers Profile under the Appointments tab and in the All Appointments section in the Job Seekers index.

Job Seeker Profile

  1. To search for the applicable Job Seeker select the index Job Seekers then All Job Seekers
  2. From here filter to find the applicable Job Seeker profile.
    Select the relevant Job Seeker.
  3. Here you will see the Appointments Tab on the left hand side. Select Appointments.Screen_Shot_2020-08-20_at_12.51.17_pm.png
  4. All the appointments attached to the Job Seeker will be visible on this page. Then select Add Note. You can also link any existing and relevant notes you may have around to the appointment.Screen_Shot_2020-08-20_at_12.51.32_pm.png 
  5. When adding a New Note you must fill out all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *.
    You may select any template relevant to the note you wish to add.
    Tags are there to streamline and simplify your note.
    The Occurred At field can be backdated to the date the appointment occurred.
    Then select Create Note.
  6. The note will be saved to the Job Seekers profile and in the All Appointments page.
    To view the note select View
    Here you can view any note associated with the appointment.

All Appointments

  1. To search for All Appointments select Job Seekers then All Appointments
  2. Here you will see all the appointments in Job Ready. To find the applicable Appointment and Job Seeker select any relevant filters by the + Add Filter button.
    Then select Apply.
  3. When the results have populated and you have found the relevant Job Seeker and Appointment you can add a note by selecting the Add Note button.
    Then follow steps 5 and 6

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