Creating a New Placement

This article will walk through the steps to manually create a placement in Job Ready. The user permission "Can Create a "---" Placement" needs to be enabled for you to proceed. If this permission is unavailable, contact Job Ready Support to enable this functionality.

Currently, Job Ready supports manual placement generation for DES and Workforce Australia.

This is the guide for creating a manual placement in Job Ready, the images in this article will be specific to the DES programme; however, this guide is still relevant for Workforce Australia placements:

  1. From the menu select Placements, then New "---" Placement.


    This workflow is applicable for each programme that is configured in your system that supports manual placement generation.

  2. New "---" Placement window will appear.

  3. Under Placement Type, you will need to select the option applicable in the drop-down.

  4. Select Create Placement.


    A vacancy must exist in Job Ready. Should the desired vacancy not be available to select please create the vacancy.

If any issues are encountered when creating a manual placement, or the system is indicating that a placement is already created, entering a unique Referral ID (not a mandatory field) should result in the placement generating correctly.

An example of this would be a Job Seeker returning to an organisation they were previously employed at and a manual placement needs to be created.

For any further queries on creating a manual placement in Job Ready, contact our Job Ready Support Team by lodging a support ticket in Freshdesk.

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