Vacancy Management

This section explains the key functions of vacancy management including the vacancies, referrals and recommendations.

JobsBoard Overview

Please go to Jobs Board article for further information. 

Reviewing vacancies, referrals and recommendations 

As an alternative to the Jobs Board, users can manage all vacancies, referrals and recommendations in Job Ready.

All Vacancies

By selecting All Vacancies under the Vacancies menu, users can access all vacancies available to your organisation that are currently open and past vacancies that have been filled.

Vacancies registered on ESS Web will appear with a Job ID.

All Referrals

By selecting All Referrals under the Vacancies menu, users can gain access to all referral data. It is also possible to apply certain filters, such as Employer ID, Result, or Site. For example, you may want to use this to obtain insight on how many Referrals from a certain type of Company results in a Placement.


By selecting Recommendations under the Vacancies menu, users can access the recommendations for vacancies. Recommendations in this section are drawn from the Jobs Board.

This section allows the Job Placement Officer (JPO) of the vacancy to record the recommendation outcome. By clicking the green pencil icon on the Actions column, the JPO can select Accepted or Not Accepted and add comments.

The JPO is notified of an Application (self-recommend) and if another EC recommends a Jobseeker. The Employment Consultant is notified of the Result of the recommendation which is entered by JPO.

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