Adding Notes

Why is this important?

Notes enable users to see the detailed history of engagement and aims to better inform users of past discussions before making subsequent contacts with those parties. 

In Job Ready users can record the details of their interactions with Job Seekers and Employers through adding Notes. Notes can also be added to Vacancies and Expenses. 

Do you have recurring engagements with Job Seekers you would like to keep track of? See our article on Setting Reminders.

Adding Notes




To start, navigate to the Job Seeker, Employer, Expense or Vacancy you want to add a note to. Click on the Add Note + button to open the New Note Form. Start filling out the details as shown below. 


  1. Template: This drop-down menu is particularly useful when the contents of a Note are usually similar in nature. Templates help speed up the record-keeping process, and provides consistency across the board.
    If you are an Admin looking for more information on how to create your own Note Templates, see our article on Setup and Usage of Note Templates.
  2. CC to: If you would like a colleague to be notified of the Note and its contents, you can type their name here. They will be notified by email about this Note.
    Once a Note has been saved, it can be viewed in the Activities Stream of the jobseeker or employer profile.
    See the following sections on how to populate the New Note form.
  3. Tags: You might wish to denote that this Note is in relation to a site visit, or perhaps it was a discussion about an expense. Tags not only help identify what the Note is about, but also make it easier to search for a note later on with the option to filter by tags.
  4. Occurred At: Enter the time and date that the event this Note concerns occurred at.
  5. Appointment: This field is only available on Notes created on Job Seekers. This field allows you to select what appointment this Note is in relation to. 
  6. Confidential: If you would prefer for this Note to be confidential, select the check box. 
  7. Comments: The contents of the Note will be in this section. Either a template or manual entry can be used to populate this field.
  8. Time spent in minutes: This optional field denotes the amount of time spent in minutes engaging with the activity this Note is about. 
  9. Travel Time: This field is also captured in minutes. If you were required to commute to and from the activity this Note pertains to, you can record that time here.
  10. Add Files: If you have any documents related to this Note, you can click on the field to open a File Browser to select your documents, or drag and drop your files into the box. These will be saved as attachments to the note.
  11. Create reminder to follow up: Tick this box if you would like to be reminded to follow up this activity. 


Nothing more to add? Click on Create Note to finish. 


You're done! You will be able to come back to the Job Seeker, Expense, Employer or Vacancy you created this note for and view it in the Notes section of that page, or search for it in the Notes search later on as necessary.



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