Reminder Schedule


When to use the Reminder Schedule

In JobReady users can schedule an activity that will happen more than once for Jobseekers and employers through adding a Reminder Schedule.

Note: Go to Post Placement Support (PPS) for specific PPS schedule functionality. 

A Reminder Schedule enables users to plan activities, set reminders and see the activities that are planned to occur in the future. This function aims to support workload management and better inform users who are contacting those parties. 


How to create a Reminder Schedule

To create a Reminder Schedule, the user will enter either the job seeker or employer profile, a tab on the top of the profile will have the option to select Reminder Schedule.

The user will be required to populate the New Reminder form and click Create Reminder.  

Once a Reminder Schedule has been created, it can be viewed in the Activities Stream of the job seeker or employer profile.

See the following sections on how to populate the New Reminder form.


How to populate the New Reminder form

Due at

In this field, the due date of the first activity will occur. The date entered will act as the commencement date of the Reminder Schedule.

Assigned to

The Reminder Schedule will be assigned by default to the user that is creating it in the Assigned to field. The user has the option to assign the Reminder Schedule to a different user in JobReady.

As reminders fall due, they will appear on the user's Reminders dashboard widget.


The activity description for the Reminder Schedule will be in the Comments section.

Repetition options

There are three options on the New Reminder form to choose from that support the common variables for reminder requirements. These three options are:

  1. Repeat schedule

This option is where the activity should occur on a specific day and or time of the week. On the drop-down menu, select Set schedule In the Repeat form select the frequency from options from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, then select the weekday on which the activity should occur and click OK.

For example, if the activity was to occur each month on a Wednesday, you would select which Wednesday of the month it should fall i.e on the first, second or third etc in this field.

When using this option, refer to which of the following apply in order to end the schedule.


  1. Only repeat ntimes 


This field is an option that will capture the number of times the activity is to occur.

This option would be used where there is a fixed number of times the action must be completed over a period.

For example, if the activity was to occur each month on a Wednesday, for six months, you would enter 6 in this field.

  1. Only repeat until


This field is an option that will capture the date upon which the activity schedule should end. It would be used when the activity schedule needs to be completed by a certain date.

For example, if the activity was to occur each month on a Wednesday until 31 December 2018, you would enter 26 December 2018 (i.e the Wednesday of that week) in this field.


Viewing a Reminder Schedule

Once a reminder schedule is created, it will be displayed in the Activities Stream under Reminders.

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