Managing Appointments

Within DES it is very important to record your correspondence with the Participant/ Job Seeker.

In Job Ready, we have a streamlined approach to manage this process, ensuring that you capture all correspondence and that you are able to find any of your current ones with ease.

To start with, as you may know, Job Ready downloads Appointment Data from ESS every morning.

The data should be available in Job Ready if it is in ESS. 

For every appointment that you have resulted in ESS, you are able to attach Notes to it.

Finding an appointment

  1. To begin with, let's start with where you can locate Appointment records:
    On the left hand side menu, select Job Seekers, and then All Appointments.
    Appointments will appear on the right of the screen.
  2. The appointments can be filtered by categories to allow you to easily find an appointment.
    Click on + Add Filter drop down tab and click or search on the desired filter.2.PNG
    Complete the filter and click on Apply and the filtered results will appear below.
  3. Dashboard alert
    When an appointment is created, it will be displayed in the Dashboard as a reminder for the user. The dashboard can be accessed by clicking on Dashboard. 
    The user's appointments will be displayed in the My Appointments widget.
  4. Adding notes to an appointment
    There are 2 ways to add notes to an appointment.
    1. It can be done through the All Appointments tab.
      Select the note that you are wanting to add. On the right of the screen there is a Note column, add the note by clicking on Add Note. If there is an icon of an eye, this means a note has already been added and you can view it by clicking on the Eye icon.
      Complete the required fields including any files that need to be added.
      When complete select Create Note.
       The note has now been added to the appointment.
    2. Is to link a note to an Appointment from the Jobseeker profile. Open the jobseeker's profile and in the Notes section navigate to the note that belongs to the appointment and select Edit.
      In the Appointments drop down, select the relevant Appointment and click Update Note. The note will now be linked to the appointment.
  5. Finding appointments without notes linked
    You are able to identify all the appointments without notes linked, or finding appointments where no notes were attached.
    Select All Appointments under the Job Seekers drop down.
    Select the Has Note Linked? from the filter list and you will be able to find these.



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