In Job Ready you are able to create Expenses to track your expense workflow.
You can also generate Purchase Orders for the Expenses you create.

To do so, you can go to the corresponding record and click on New then Expense.


You will then be taken to this page, where you have to fill in the details of the Expense.
Fields with an asterisk(*) is mandatory.


Note: If you are a JobActive user, you have to specify an EF type.
This will later be used to generate the Export XML file to upload to ESS.

Make sure you assign an Approver, as expenses need to go through an approval process before a Purchase Order can be generated for them. 

The Approval process depends on an available user who has approval limits assigned to them, to request this to be enabled, contact your administrator.


If you require a custom Purchase Order to be generated for you, please contact your JobReady Account Manager.

After the Expense is approved, you can generate an Export file to send a commitment to ESS.

Expense Exports

Note: There are various workflows for Expenses, depending on your organisation, so beyond the Approval process you should check with your organisation's Finance team to verify the workflow.

To do this, you can head to the Finance section and then choose to generate an Export file.


It will automatically pick up the Expenses that are ready for commitment, and then generate an Input file for you to upload through to ESS' Commitment Upload Facility.



To download an existing expense export, select download, where the file will open on the same page. To download you will need to Right Click on the page > Save Page As. Make sure file format XML Text is selected.





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