QR Codes and Document Scanning

Document management has always been a key to a seamless workflow in the employment industry and is a very powerful tool which will certainly ease your document management.

In Job Ready, you are able to utilise QR technology to segregate documents, and have the system intelligently place them against the relevant Job Seekers

  1. Firstly, you are able to generate a QR Code cover page from a Job Seeker record.
    You can assign Attachment Tags on this cover page, if required.
    The QRcover comprises of these elements:
    • Job Seeker Name
    • Job Seeker ESS ID
    • Job Seeker Attachment Tag
  2. Once a cover page is generated, imagine this stack of papers as the list of documents you'd like to scan.
    For example, to scan a document such as Pay Slips and Consent Forms. Follow the below steps:


  1. A cover can only have one tag, one ESS ID, and one Job Seeker, in that order.
    Once you have your stack of documents, you can then scan all of them at once, generate a PDF file that comprises of all the pages, and upload it to Job Ready.
  2. The next step is to head to Bulk Actions, and upload your scanned document.
  3. An email will be sent to you to confirm the progress of the scan.
    Follow the link, which will be bring you to this page.
    As you can see, the attachments are separated by tags.
  4. You can review the resulting attachments, if you see an unwanted page, you can remove it by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2017-06-26_at_2.33.02_pm.png icon.You're also able to further trim the attachments by clicking on the icon.For example, if you only wanted the first 2 pages, then you can specify a range of pages you want to keep.
    If you feel that you've missed something, you can also Reset the document to the state it was originally in when uploaded.
  5. Once you're happy with the layout, select Submit.
  6. Upon submitting, the system will then attach the files to the corresponding Job Seekers.
    You can then click on the records to view the attachments.






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