Upload a verification form template in Admin settings

Why is this important?

You'll need to upload the form template in Admin settings so that it'll be available in the Files Library for users to download. This step tells Job Ready which form to populate the data into. You''ll be able to control programme access and the type of record (Employer, Jobseeker, Placement, Expense, Vacancy) users can download the form from. 




To add the template into Admin settings of Job Ready, you must first have completed these steps:


You will need:

  • Admin access

If you are not the key administrator for Job Ready, contact your Admin staff to configure your form.

How to upload the form template into Admin Settings

  1. 1. Go to administrative settings
  2. 2. Select Files Library 
  3. 3. Select the plus (+) button to create a new file record
  4. 4. Configure the form and attach the file




[1] Where the form file is uploaded.

[2] Tick the section of the site you want this form to be downloadable from. Certain merge fields will only populate data from certain records. View the full merge field list to determine which record the merge fields can be downloadable from. Note: If your form has wage history data, 'Placement' must be ticked. 

[3] Tick the programme of the users that will have access to this form.


[4] Click Add Files


You can add an unlimited amount of forms. 


To see the whole process of making a verification form, check out End-to-End: Employment Verification Forms.


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