Advanced Templating

This article will take you through the steps required to use the HTML function of the notes templating section in Job Ready. This function will allow the user to create and customise more detailed notes which can be accessed throughout the program. HTML allows the user to change the font size, customise the alignment of the note, highlight and change the colour of the text. The features are similar to those of an email.

Should you require the basic steps for note templating please see Note Template - Set Up and Usage.

Note: The HTML function in the Add Note Template form is a feature flag. Should you wish to enable this feature please contact Job Ready to discuss this further.

  1. Select Admin on your home page


  2. On the left-hand side of the Admin Setting page select Note Templates


  3. Select Note Templates +


  4. This window is where you will create your Note Templates. Each field marked with an asterisk will need to be completed before you can create the template.

    Here you will see that when the HTML template type is selected a more extensive toolbar is displayed.


    Note: The name of your template should reflect the convention of the form.
    Here is an example of the different elements you can use to create your HTML note template.




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