Note Templates - Set Up and Usage

This article will take you through the basic steps of how to set up Note Templates and how to allocate them according to your needs in Job Ready. Notes can be added to any show page in Job Ready with the use of tags.

There are three types of form templates:

  1. Basic
  2. HTML
  3. Form

Note: It is advised that the Administrator put together the templates to ensure they are compliant to your company's standards. To view advanced options for templating please view Advanced Templating.


  1. Select Admin on your home page

  2. On the left hand side of the Admin Setting page select Note Templates

  3. Select Note Templates +

  4. This window is where you will create your Note Templates. Each field marked with an asterix will need to be completed before you can create the template.

    Note: The name of your template should reflect the convention of the form.Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_11.41.09_am.png

  5. Template type relates to the desired aesthetic and level of interaction you require from the Note Template you wish to create. There are three types to choose from; Basic, HTML and Form.Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_11.41.34_am.png

    • Basic
      • The Basic template is just that, Basic. This template is simple to create and simple for your users to interact with. Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_12.43.33_pm.png
    • HTML
      • The HTML template type allows you to create a more complex and robust note in terms of design. Here you can change the text type, positions, size and style by using the features allowed by the HTML template type.

        Note: The HTML template will change format depending on the location and export options of the note.Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_11.52.13_am.png
    • Form
      • This template type is similar to that of a from or Quest form. It is interactive with the user and when creating the template you are able to add specific features.
      • Fields can be added by selecting '+'Type can be Single Line (one line) or Multi Line (multiple lines)
      • Requires? Yes or NoScreen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_11.52.32_am.png
  6. To construct the bulk of your Note Template select 'Merge Field'

    In the Select a Field to Merge window you have the ability to customise your note template with the desired content. Users of the template will be required to fill out all the selected content before creating the note.
    Please see the below example:Screen_Shot_2020-08-06_at_1.06.19_pm.png

    Please select the the appropriate criteria for your Note Template by guiding through the tabs and fields in the Select a Field to Merge window

    Note: Should you wish to add an adhoc field select << then the field name >>

    • Job Seeker

    • Employer

    • Placement

    • Vacancy

    • Interview

    • Current User

    • Contact

    • Extra Fields

  7. In the Categories section select where you would like the Note Template to be located.

    Note: You can select the template to multiple locations.
  8. When you are happy with the Note Template you have created and are ready to save the template select Create Note Template
  9. To see the note you have created go to the Category you select, eg: Job Seeker. Then Add Note +Screen_Shot_2020-08-06_at_1.07.15_pm.png
    Then select the template name from the dropdown list in TemplateScreen_Shot_2020-08-06_at_1.07.02_pm.png

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