How to Troubleshoot a Missing Record

This article will cover how to troubleshoot a missing record.

As an example, we will use a reportedly missing Vacancy record, this concept applies to all other missing records.

  1. Troubleshooting a missing record is to search the relevant section on the client's site to see if it exists on the system. Go to the 'Vacancy' tab and search for the record.Live06.png

  2. When confirmed that it does not exist in Job Ready , we need to then find out if this data is provided to us by the Department.

    Note: You can refer to this article on how to retrieve a Subscription file.

    An example to find the Vacancy BDF is illustrated below.Live07.png

  3. After downloading the Sub, open the file and search for the Vacancy ID.Live08.pngIn this case the vacancy was not found in the Sub which means the client will need to contact ESS.

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