PPS Settings

The PPS Settings tab in the Administration Settings will allow you to configure various settings relating to PPS.



  1. Next PPS Due Date based on
    This setting allows you to determine how the system automatically generates the due date of the next PPS contact upon completion of a current PPS contact.
    • The following options are available:
      • Set Next PPS Due Date based on Contact Date
        • This means the Next PPS Due Date is automatically set to be after the date the Contact was made. (On most occasions, this will be the current date unless you need to backdate.)
      • Set Next PPS Due Date based on Current PPS Due Date
        • This means that the Next PPS Due Date is automatically set to be after the date the current Next PPS Due Date was made.
    • The illustration below indicates the difference between the 2 options.pps1.gif

      The For an unsuccessful PPS, do not change PPS Due Date and the For an unsuccessful PPS, set days until next contact setting allows you to specify whether you want the next contact to be scheduled accordingly if a PPS contact was not successfully made.

      Note: This is also affected by the previous option of determining the Next PPS Due Date based on.

      Refer to the illustration below for more details.
  2. PPS Frequency

    By default, PPS contacts are set to be scheduled for 14 days after each contact.
    Via this panel, you are able to customise your organisation's PPS frequency based on certain criteria.

    As an example, you may identify a Stream C participant as more risky, so you set the frequency to be Weekly instead of Fortnightly.

    Note: This only applies to New Placements, meaning currently existing Placements that has an active PPS schedule will not be affected.

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