Employer Regions

Here you will learn how you can create Employer Regions and how to add a region to a New Regional Employer. This function in Job Ready is to help you manager your employers and ease job seeker opportunity searches by grouping them into regions.  

Note: This may vary between organisations to suit their operational needs.

Employer Regions

  1.  To create an Employer Region select Admin

  2.  Then in the index list select Employer Regions.

    1. From here you will be able to see a list of all existing Employer Regions with the edit and delete functionality along side them.
  3.  To add a new Employer Region select +.

  4.  In this window simply as the name of the region. Then select Create Region.

    1. The new employer Region will now be visible in the Employer Regions List.


New Regional Employer

  1. 1. When creating a new Regional Employer select Employers then New Regional Employer from the index list. 

  2. 2. The below window will ask you to enter all mandatory fields. In the Region tab you will see a list of all Employer Regions as per those created.

  3. 3. Then select Create Regional Company.


This company will now be visible in your list of Employers


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