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The Files Library in Job Ready is where you can store any required documentation that you use relating to Job Seekers and Employers. Think of it as a digital filing system. To view and utilise the Files Library follow the below steps.

Select Admin from any window.


Then Files Library on the left hand side.


From here you can view all the files in your library.

To add a new file select Files Library +


Here you can upload the document.

Then select the categories you wish the file to be visible and the Program the file relates.

Then select Add Files


The new file has now been saved to the Files Library.

There is functionality to Edit, Delete and View each file using the following functions.


The files library can be accessed from any Job Seeker profile.

Select the Job Seeker to whom you wish to attach a file.

Then select Attachments.


The file will now be visible in the attachments section of the applicable Job Seekers profile, in Files Library.

To attach a file, select Files Library.


Here you can view any file that has been uploaded to the JobReady Files Library and add the file to the Job Seekers profile by selecting Actions.


When you have selected the file of your choosing, it will open up as a PDF file, from here you can download it into your computer and manually attach it to the Job Seeker.

Next, you will add a new attachment or select the file which you just downloaded from the Files Library.

To add an attachment select Attachments +


In this window upload the file you wish to attach and add any applicable Tags.

Then select Add Attachments.


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