Reverse Marketing

Reverse marketing allows you to target Job Seekers that are looking to find sustainable employment with employers. Meaning that you can market a Job Seeker (candidate) to a prospective employer through Job Ready.

Reverse Marketing in Job Ready allows you record the interactions between Employers, Case Manager and Job Seekers thereby documenting and measuring the exercise.

To successfully Reverse Market a Job Seeker make sure you know your candidate. View their profile in Job Ready. Look at Recommended to Vacancies, Reminders, Job Match, Categories and Attributes before you Reverse Market them to a prospective Employer.

The next step is to review the Jobs Board. Here you can filter through to find vacancies that are relevant to your Job Seeker or scope an Employer to Reverse Market your Job Seeker.

Select Vacancies then Jobs Board 


Here you can filter and search for vacancies that the Job Seeker would be suitable for.


For a more specific search select Vacancies then All Vacancies.


Here you are able to + Add Filter then select Job Match Attributes then Apply. You can select as many filters as necessary to help you narrow the search.


To view opportunities listed with employers select Employers then All Employers


In the Employers page you can filter to find vacancies suitable to the Job Seeker by selecting + Add Filter. From here you can filter by Occupations then select the occupation most relevant to the Job Seeker or set any relevant filter to your search.

Then select Apply.


This action will procure a customised list of those Employers with positions for the occupation you selected to search. There are colour coded circles next to each employer, scroll over them to reveal the communication.

From here select an employer to review their profile including JPO, Account Manager, Communications, Claims and Vacancies.


Reverse Marketing can be performed in a Job Seeker profile and an Employer profile.

  1. Select Reverse Marketing tab in the job seekers profile.

  2. Then select Reverse Marketing Activities +

  3.  New Reverse Marketing Activity

    1. 3.1  If you are Reverse Marketing from a Job Seeker profile the window will ask you to select the Company in which you are targeting.
    2. 3.2 If you are Reverse Marketing from an Employer profile the window will ask you to select the Job Seeker ID (you can search for the ID in this field by entering the JS name) you are pitching.


  4. When complete, select Create Reverse Marketing Activity.


    1. The activity can be viewed in the Reverse Marketing tab of both the Employer and Job Seeker, then select View                                       
    2. Best practice will be to create a note in the Job Seekers profile documenting that a Reverse Marketing activity was performed and the outcome.
    3. Tracking Reverse Marketing
  5. Employer Call Volume 
    1. This report looks at how much activity is undertaken to get to vacancy with an Employer through combining data from new business and existing business with this particular employer.
    2. Reverse Marketing can be tracked through the Reports section, then select Employer Call Volume

    3. From here you can search the information that Job Ready has tracked.
    4. Then select Search

  6. Employer Engagement Activity
    1. This report will outline all activities that have been engaged with an Employer.
    2. Select Reports then Employer Engagement

    3. Here you can select the desired filters to customise your report.


    4. Then select Search

    5. Here you will be able to see the figures that reflect engagement with Job Seekers and Employers

  7. Reverse Marketing Report
    1. Reverse Marketing Report will give you accurate information around Reverse Marketing activities that have been performed and their success. Each underlined number is a hyperlink which you can select for a more targeted view.

    2. Select Reports, then select Reverse Marketing.


    3. At first glance these reports are presented as National and State Summary and Site and Regional Summary.


    4. To customise the report apply the necessary filters.

    5. Then select Apply Filters


Recommendations refer to the recommendation of a Job Seeker in Job Ready.

Referral is a referral to the vacancy in ESS

Note: Once a recommendation has been made in Job Ready it is necessary to make a referral against that vacancy in ESS.


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