What Is Job Ready

Job Ready is our latest software for JobActive and Disability Employment Services (DES) driving efficiency at every interaction with Jobseekers. Job Ready aims to improve DES through targeting primary areas identified in the 2018 DES Discussion Paper. These include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing participant choice and control in the services they need

  • Driving greater competition and contestability in DES 

  • Aligning incentives to support better outcomes

  • Improving the gateway and assessment process for DES Participants

  • Improve Employer engagement, Education and ongoing relationships

  • Improve assistance in the workplace

Job Ready Philosophy: Setting us aside from other DES software, is our ATTRACT PLACE RETAIN philosophy. The philosophy aims to capture all elements of the employment pathway such as engagement, assessment, training and post-placement support. 

ATTRACT: How will you win JobSeekers and employers?

Job Ready offers a platform that helps you nurture and engage both employers and JobSeekers which is critical in an increasingly competitive world. Job Ready s an integrated CRM to modern and mobile self-service that has been designed to support contemporary business development and service delivery model. By offering a personalised service with support, jobs and communications that matter to JobSeekers, consultants can focus on high value, human interactions with JobSeekers themselves providing a service model that is highly attractive and rewarding for both the JobSeeker and Provider. 

PLACE: Exceptionally place JobSeekers into work.

Job Ready allows DES Providers an effective as possible way to underpin high performance and speed to the placement of Job Seekers. The platform supports DES Provider teams allowing them to win every day and collaborate via JobReady's employer engagement tools such as the Job Boards features and Vacancy Management. 

Likewise, to the Plus platform with student motivation, the Job Ready platform uses leading behavioural science tools to assess Job Seeker's motivation for employment. By assessing Job Seekers motivation, DES Providers are able to better equip consultants to map intervention to develop a person-centred approach and provide the appropriate support to get JobSeekers placed. 

The result - more  Job Seekers are placed than ever before and DES Providers experience a happy and engaging workflow that goes above and beyond expectations. 

RETAIN: Easier to retain a customer than find a new one. 

JobReady delivers an exceptional service that delights customers and creates loyalty through a deeper relationship in turn providing the ability to retain customers. By offering an amazing and personalised experience, supported by the modern digital engagement that makes employers and Job Seekers feels valued and understood, Job Ready will provide Job Seekers with an unprecedented level of choice that will be hard to leave from. 

Once placed, Job Ready does not stop there. Job Ready aims to keep Job Seekers placed within their work after their placement. Our Post Placement Support (PPS) brings a new level of sophistication that increases engagement and helps you apply the right intervention at the right time if anything were to go wrong. 


  • JobReady Fetch aggregates jobs so that providers can give job seekers the best and widest opportunities.

  • JobReady Match connects jobs with job seekers to shortlist faster than ever.

  • Job Ready is compatible with any mobile platform device.
  • Looks great on mobile devices and features a responsive design so you enjoy the benefits anywhere.

  • Job Seeker self-service means your clients can access your resources 24-7 and be working to find that job from anywhere at any time.
  • Track prospects and add notes, emails and reminders against employers that feed into the activity stream - allows for employment providers to take nurturing job seekers to the next level. 

  • Linking employers at the local, regional and national levels, allows for better management of accounts and provides key insights at each level.
  • Live supports teams to place job seekers more effectively than ever.

  • PPS tracking helps manage the health of the placement.

  • Outcome Tracker allows the team to collaborate and give the team every chance of achieving the ultimate goal of placing seekers into work.


  • Job Seekers receive an invite to JobReady Live where they can edit their profile and start job searches.

  • 24/7 availability giving extended service to your Job Seekers at their convenience

  • Notifications of activity to your team help them keep up with Job Seeker's activity

  • Choice and Control in the palm of Job Seekers hand.
  • Designed to save time and reduce admin.

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) integration, we eliminate the need for duplicate data entry

  • Live lets Providers get back to the core business of placing job seekers into sustainable employment. 
  • JobReady.IQ is a bespoke business intelligence tool that allows you to report on any data in the system.

  • JobReady.IQ schedules and emails reports to designated staff, such as performance reports before the weekly team meeting.

  • Job Ready features dashboard shows the big picture so providers can react fast to trends. 
  • Live incorporates compliance into organisations and supports teams at every step of they way

  • Appointments will set off "alarms" if not completed with notes and results

  • All actions within systems are logged and each Job Seeker will have an activity stream that shows everything that occurred during their time with you. 


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