Training Overview

This article will give you an overview of the Job Ready product and recap points from the initial training package.

General Overview

  • Job Ready is by design a complementary system to ESS

  • Downloads occur from ESS overnight, so what happens in ESS yesterday will be in JR today

  • Subject to BDF availability from ESS

  • We strive by design not to duplicate anything you do in ESS

  • However there are many opportunities to progress work for actions not yet downloaded from ESS

  • For new clients, we download current caseload +30 days exited

  • Historical migrations can be performed if agreed as part of your on-boarding plan

  • Fully configurable by administrators

  • Notes, templates, drop downs etc

Downloads from ESS

The following data is downloaded from ESS each night:

  •  Jobseekers

  •  Appointments (DES only)

  •  Placements (DES and JA only)

  •  Vacancies (DES and JA only)

  •  Employers

  • Claims and Service Fees (DES and JA only once actioned in ESS)

What does not download from ESS

The information from ESS that is not available for download (as at June 2020) include:

All programmes

  • Attachments

  • Notes

  • Job end date/reason

  • Permissible breaks

  • Next claim due

  • Job match attributes/tags


  • Appointments


  • Appointments

  • Vacancies

  • Placements

What information goes up to ESS

There are two opportunities for data to be pushed to ESS. These are:

  • Employers

  • Vacancies

  • Employment fund commitments and reimbursements (Jobactive only)


Security 101: How to be a responsible Job Ready user 

  • Administrators manage user accounts.

  • Enable and disable, including special privileges in the site

  • Single Sign On is available and recommended - speak with out team if you are interested

  • Always be password protection conscious

  • Lock out will happen after 5 attempts with incorrect password

  • Log out will occur after a period of inactivity

  • URLs are the most secure way to share information internally. We will show you how today

  • If sending screenshots internally ensure any identifiable information is blanked out (obfuscated)

  • PII includes but is not limited to Names, address, DOB etc


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