Jobs Board

  1.  To access the Jobs Board select Vacancies from the index list and then select Jobs Board.


    Here you will be able to peruse a list of jobs available.

    You are able to filter by the following:

    Site: The Site of where the Vacancy is located

    Cluster: A separate grouping for Sites. Otherwise known as Member.



    JPO: Job Placement Officer assigned to the Vacancy


    There are 2 checkboxes which can be ticked to display/hide vacancies of the respective criteria.

    Jobs created 20 days ago: Vacancies whose Created On date is within 20 days.

    Apprenticeship or Traineeship: Vacancies who require those credentials.

  2.  To view the vacancy in detail select the title.

    Here will be displayed any information regarding the vacancy.


    To edit the vacancy select Edit


    In this window you are able to edit the vacancy in accordance with the job description and classifications.



    Sections to note:

    Status - This refers to the availability of the job

    Active - Available for application

    Inactive - Position does not need to be filled

    Brokered - Position identified by the organisation

    Marketing - An employer has listed the vacancy with the organisation

    Closed - Applications have closed

    Brokered/FOE/Marketing - Here is a reflection of the acquisition of the vacancy

    FOE - Job Seeker has Found Own Employment

    When complete select Update Vacancy


  3. To recommend a Job Seeker, select the Recommend Now button on the Jobs Board homepage. This button has been colour coded to reflect how the vacancy came about.

    This will then allow you to do the following:
    • If a checklist was made for a Vacancy, you will be prompted to ensure the Job Seeker matches all the requirements
    • If the Job Seeker was recommended previously, it will give you a warning
    • You may attach a resume if desired.

      Then select Recommend Job Seeker
  4.  Once a Job Seeker has been recommended the recommendation will be visible on the Recommendations index page.






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