Support Schedule Workflow (PPS)

Outlined below is how to use the Support Schedule workflow in JobReady Live.

A Support panel exists in the Placement view page, below the Employer Details section.


The Support panel comprises of 3 main buttons, as follows.



Selecting the edit button allows you to modify the next Support schedule details.
When you have updated the Support Schedule as needed select Update Support Schedule


  • Set the occurrence of the Support contact.

By default, this will be set by the schedule mentioned in the Support Frequency.

This date may not be before the previous Placement due date.

This date may not be before the Placement Start date.

  • Set the Frequency of the Support Schedule.

Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly is available

Note: There is a default setting which can be set by an administrator.

  • Input the reason for the schedule change

It is mandatory that when you edit the Support Schedule, you enter a reason for change.

Upon updating the Support schedule, details of the changes made will be logged on the History tab.

Audit Trail Screen_Shot_2020-08-28_at_11.13.48_am.png

Allows you to view all historical changes made to the Support Schedule.




This feature allows you to complete the Support contact.


The following fields are mandatory.

  • Contact Date

Specify when the Support is to be actioned. 

This date may be changed to a date in the past. This is useful if you have performed the contact but have not recorded it in JobReady.

Note: By default, this will be the current date.

  • Who contacted

Allows you to specify whether you contacted the Job Seeker or the Employer.

  • Result

Allows you to specify whether the contact was successful or if you could not contact the recipient.

Upon successful contact, if not specified, the Next Support Due Date will be set based on the Frequency set on the schedule

Upon unsuccessful contact, if not specified, the Next Support Due Date will be set as the current date plus the amount of days set. 

  • Comment

You may input comments for the Support contact here.

  • Next Support Schedule Due Date

Allows you to specify the date of the next contact. As mentioned above, if not manually input, it is calculated based on whether the contact was successful or unsuccessful and the Support Frequency.

Weekly will set the Next Support Due Date to Contact Date +7 days.

Fortnightly will set the Next Support Due Date to Contact Date +14 days.

Monthly will set the Next Support Due Date to Contact Date +1 month. E.g. 27 September -> 27 October

Based on the result of the Support contact, one of the following will occur

  • Successful

A form that has been set up will be launched.

  • Could not contact

A form will not be launched, and you may then save the contact as Not Successful.


Upon completion a history of all records made are available in the Support tab.


This tab will now show you if the due date had been moved, to indicate whether the contact was conducted in a timely manner. You can also hover over the question mark to view the comments on the Support Schedule.


Administrator Options: In addition to the features mentioned above, you are able to set an organisation wide setting as a default schedule.


Dashboard and Filtering and viewing your Support Schedule in JobReady Live.

Placements that have Support records outstanding will be displayed on the dashboard of the user who is present on the Placement’s Managed By.

The Outcome Tracker also displays the state of the next scheduled Support contact.

If a Placement has an overdue Support Schedule, it will be displayed with an orange background.

If a Placement’s Support Schedule is on track, e.g scheduled in the future, it will be displayed normally as text.

Some tips: Filters are available to quickly sort which Placements are on track with their Support Schedule.

There are 3 options are available:

Overdue, No Schedule, Scheduled.

Overdue: Shows all Placements in the Outcome Tracker with an overdue next Support Schedule Due Date.

No Schedule: Shows all Placements in the Outcome Tracker with no next Support ScheduleDue Date.

Scheduled: Shows all Placements in the Outcome Tracker with an ongoing next Support ScheduleDue Date.


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