Quest Forms

Quest Forms are custom digital questionnaire forms that can be added and stored in Job Ready.

You can import and export existing forms for version control created in this site to Job Ready. Quest Forms can now be converted to Smart Forms which are displayed on a Job Seekers profile page. To learn more visit Smart Forms.

These forms can also be sent via email. To see how select here.

In Section 1 you will the steps on how to create a custom Quest Form to suit your organisation's needs.

In Section 2 you will see how to update your existing Quest Forms. 


  1. Go to your JobReady forms URL (If you are unsure of this then please contact us). Here you will see your existing forms.
    1. To create a new Quest Form select New Form.

      Complete the fields then select Create Form.1.png

      "Template" will default as "Flaty"
    2. Select New Section.3.png
    3.  Add the name of your Quest Form and a description and select Create Section.


    4.  To add one or multiple fields to this section select New Field. 


    5.  Fields represent the group of questions within each section of your Quest Form.

      1. Name - A sequence number for your Quest Form (is not displayed on form)

      2. Label - name of the question being asked

      3. Help Text - is used to direct the user

      4. Element - how the participant will answer the questions

        Types of Elements

        Short Text - free type short field 

        Long Text - free type long field 

        Check Box- tick boxes 


        Likert - drop down 



        Dropdown - free type fields with a points system




        Date time 



        Radio Buttons 


        Required - select 'Required' under any field that is mandatory

        Based on previous Question- This feature allows you to add a field that is dependant on the previous fields answer. 

        Repeat these steps until you have created all relevant sections.

        Note: Should you wish the order of your options to be a customised list and not in alphabetical order you will need to add a prefix.

        For example;
        a. Agree
        b. Uncertain
        c. Disagree


        1. Agree
        2. Uncertain
        3. Disagree

        Scoring System - When using a dropdown and radio button you have the option to add a scoring system which can then be integrated to a Smart Form. Add the answer on the left hand side (1), then the sum of the answer to Add Score.


        A Quest From with a score field needs to be converted to a Smart Form. When a participant completes the Smart Form their score will be visible on the personal data panel in the Job Seeker profile.


        Comments allow you to create dependant help text. Which can be used as normal throughout a quest form or can be utilised as based on a previous question.

        The example below shows when the answer to 'Do you drink alcohol?' is 'yes' the help text will populate on the form. 'Purchasing alcohol under the age of 18 is illegal.'


        Note: As the Label field is mandatory a character need to be inserted. The label will only appear in the form after it has been submitted. To minimise the appearance of this we recommend using one of the following -,.


    6.  Sort Order - Re-arrange your fields to be in the desired order on the form


    7.  To view your form at any point throughout the process go back to the main title page.

      Select Actions then View


      This will display how your Quest Form will appear on Job Ready. 

    8.  Tags can be added to your Quest Forms by selecting Actions then Edit. Tags will determine where your form will appear on Job Ready.


      Please see article Applying Tags to Quest Forms.

    9.  Merge Fields and Lock Merge Value

      Here you can insert as many merge fields as required.


      Selecting Locked merge value will lock the this field. Meaning that editing the merged information will not be possible by the user.


2. Updating your Quest Forms

You can update your Quest Forms in two different ways.

The first is to duplicate/copy an existing form, creating a new version to edit. This will preserve the existing form for your reference.

The second is to edit and update an existing form found in section 1.8

Note: This action will over-ride the existing form. 

  1. Find the form you wish to duplicate. Under Actions select Export


    The document will download to your computer.

  2. To upload the document select Import


  3. Please fill in the "Name" section with the updated version name.

    Template will auto populate to "Flaty"

    File Select 'Choose File' and upload the document

    Select Create Import Form

  4.  Here you will see Form Imported in the green section.

  5.  Now you can update your Quest Forms by following step 1.8

Note - Any changes that you make will be live. It is recommended that changes be made outside of business hours or for a steps 2.1 to be implemented. Meaning a new version to be made.

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