Job Ready Troubleshooting

  1. When you are unable to create Jobseekers, please make sure that you yourself are assigned to a site.

  2. When you are unable to edit appointments, make sure that the Site assigned to that appointment has an address.

  3. In relation to this, if the SITE cannot be populated with an address, check if it has a party id linked.

  4. When case managers only show up as their Last Name, check if the Party Type ID is null.

  5. On Finance Payment Request, Expense account code is tied to Expense Source. (Best)

  6. When setting up a new site, from now on please make sure that you clean up the individual client's seeds in db/defaults/client_name/seeds.rb

  7. When setting up a new site, despite all its BDFs running etc double check if the employers, vacancies, activities, jobseekers do exist. If not, there might be some additional fields from the ESS that you would have to add in the seeds.

  8. When trying to render a new column in the Index page, make sure you add them in the controller. (This is the page when you click List, the main pages)

  9. If the PLC01 BDF fails and it says Unexpected Error occurred: undefined method `vacancies' for nil:NilClass, there's a migration that creates an employer called External Placements.

  10. Provider parameter with the ID 24 is business line. Make sure it is set to something (DES,JSA,RJCP or BOTH). Look up what the value should be in BusinessLine. If it's not set, certain tables will not populate.

  11. If you want to see what the live system is doing just like in console, go to /var/www/client_name/log, and do tail -f production.log

  12. If there is an issue with Purchase Orders not generating numbers, there might be a SQL lock occurring, this is not an issue but we have to re-add the numbers directly into the database.

  13. When creating new merge fields or modifying anything javascript, copy the code, copy to an external site which minifies javascript, and paste it to the .js

  14. Please feel free to add to more common errors when setting up a new site.

  15. If a JS record is merged, it is not removed but just made hidden. There's an enabled_ind in the database and it has to be re-enabled.

  16. If a client suddenly is unable to send SMS or emails, it would be because their SMTP details have changed. When this happens, you need to contact the client and ask whether they have changes not known to us and retrieve their new details.

  17. When a DES client has a vacancy referral, the system goes and creates one as a placeholder, with the case manager Test Administrator. This is because the DES does not download Vacancy Referral BDF from ESS.

  18. Character limit on file notes are used to send SMS, to determine if they have gone over the limit and send multiple separated text. A client has brought this up(Mai-Wel) so if we have any questions, it does NOT affect file notes, only SMS.

  19. If we're met with unable to attach files 500 internal server error, might be disk space is full. Please clean up the pool by running cat dev>null on logs.

  20. If helpcentre is down, might be because disk space is full. Clean up the relevant pool

  21. There could be a unique case where a JS was in the DES program, and then exited and commenced on the JSA program. This happens when for example, a DES client has injury and recovered from it. If this is the case, the JS will keep showing as Exited on the Job Ready system, the reason why is because the DES BDF runs after the JSA, overwriting it. If a client asks you should let him know that once the cut off date from ESS is passed (28 days) he will start showing as commenced. This is not very obvious as you might try to run the BDF locally and find that he is commenced however it is not updating the system.

  22. Policy is RTO and organisation is AAC for RFS. Might be important for data extract for Amy.

  23. If a client requests for a new miscellaneous field unrelated to the BDF (example, Senswide requested that they have an extra field for JS who agreed to receive newsletters) we can add a Group Program. It's located in the Code Tables, filterable and reportable as well.

  24. Testing SMTP details.

  25. JSA Specific issue: When a JS moved sites, there is a chance that sequence number will be nil and prompt an air brake when generating expenses. Example: Look in the SQL and find if the jobseeker.provider_site_id and jobseeker.contract_id matches anything in the provider_site_contract table.

  26. ESS and DMS, when you subscribe to them the way ESS works is that you get data for both DES programs.

  27. The record was not in the jobseeker_search table. as an example, resulting in JS name to be not imported. This can also apply to other models, look at the xx_search table in the database.

  28. Expense types periodically gets updated by the government, we need to check in Sub037 if there are new claim type, if this happens, expenses generated by users might not have a claim ID. Rectify by modifying the seeds. This is called Claim Rate Type in Sub037.

  29. When adding to a CSV file, check if there's a callback for the attribute you're adding. Example: claim_rate_type will determine what type a claim is depending on the prefix of the DEEWR code.

  30. In Job Ready, if you want to hide an element from being printed, add a class (a ., for example .freshdesk) or an ID (#freshdesk) and then in print.sass copy the previous line and add a display:none. Then do a bundle exec compass compile, this should do it. If by any reason you are unable to force it to use the style you gave in print.sass, consider using !important which makes this style take precedence over the other.

  31. When the BDF displays an error that says "Rows differ than expected", this means some data from ESS is causing an error or a new line. One particular case was that it included a backslash (\), when this happens, download the Sub from ECSN, remove these characters manually and scp them up to the relevant client slice. e.g. /var/www/best/current/public/system/bdf_automate, remove the old one and replace with the one you've modified.

  32. In relation to #27, when a JS is unable to be searched, look for all related records (vacancy, employer) and see if there's any illegal characters in the names (signs, question mark in a black box) this might prevent search.

  33. In RFS, the view that determines which Job Outcome is displayed is based on the vacancy model's training_contract

  34. Never make a specialised customisation request field to be mandatory if it would apply to all clients. Some clients' requirements may differ than the other.

  35. When a file note is unable to be opened, check the contents. Perhaps it has an unclosed bracket, such as < or >

  36. When the BDFs are not downloading in the Job Ready BDF box, check if the mount drive is mounted. If not, contact zettagrid.

  37. If you seem to see an outage but all the tests show otherwise, check if a transaction is stuck in the database.

  38. Occasionally, clients are not set up to Exit by the BDF. If this is the case, confirm with the case manager via support desk and set them as exited with the following command:

    Jobseeker.find_by_jobseeker_id(jsid).update_attribute(:jobseeker_placement_status_id, 1)

  39. When a search fails in Job Ready, take note of which records get returned in the logs, and try to see if their names have unusual space or characters (such as " " or "/") and trim them.

  40. When a search filter does not populate, check if a setting is required under their Helper file. E.G. JobseekerHelper, and make sure the condition is fulfilled.

  41. Knowledgebase token is stored under system_parameter. For initial setup of sites we need to populate this otherwise user cannot login to KB, obtain by looking at other clients' database value.

  42. Sometimes a rollbar is generated from a View being closed (still unable to find out why) In this case, users cannot create a LINE REPORT.

    When this happens, run this query:

    CREATE VIEW jobseeker_view AS        SELECT,          js_pp.name_first AS first_name, AS surname,          js.jobseeker_id,          CONCAT_WS('', js_at.deewr_code, ' - ', js_at.description) AS allowance_type,          YEAR(CURDATE()) - YEAR(js_pp.date_of_birth) - (CASE WHEN DAYOFYEAR(js_pp.date_of_birth) > DAYOFYEAR(CURDATE()) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS jobseeker_age, AS jobseeker_stream,          CASE WHEN (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM jobseeker_flag WHERE jobseeker_id = AND flag_type_id = 6) > 0 THEN 'y' ELSE '' END AS jobseeker_esl,          ps.deewr_code AS provider_site,          CASE WHEN (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM jobseeker_flag WHERE jobseeker_id = AND flag_type_id = -1) > 0 THEN 'y' ELSE '' END AS jobseeker_own_transport, AS work_ready_status, AS jobseeker_gender,          CONCAT_WS('', js_l.deewr_code, ' - ', AS jobseeker_language, AS birth_country, AS education_level,          js.registration_start_date,          js.registration_weeks AS weeks_registered,          CONCAT_WS('',, ' - ', des_dis.desc) AS disability_type, AS support_level, AS funding_level, AS referral_phase,          js.stream_services_commencement_date AS jobseeker_start_date,          js.contract_referral_exit_date AS jobseeker_exit_date,          js.epp_date AS jobseeker_epp_date,          CONCAT_WS('', js_epp_stat.deewr_code, ' - ', AS jobseeker_epp_status,          js.jsci_last_update_date,          js.crn AS jobseeker_crn, AS jsci_status_name, as referral_source_name,          CONCAT_WS('', js_user_pp.name_first, ' ', AS case_manager_full_name, as exit_reason, as special_placement_client_type         FROM jobseeker js        JOIN party js_p ON = js.party_id        JOIN party_person js_pp ON js_pp.party_id =        LEFT OUTER JOIN party_person_gender js_pp_g ON = js_pp.party_person_gender_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN country js_pp_c ON = js_pp.country_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_allowance_type js_at ON = js.jobseeker_allowance_type_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_allowance_rate js_ar ON = js.jobseeker_allowance_rate_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_stream js_str ON = js.jobseeker_stream_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN provider_site ps ON = js.provider_site_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN language js_l ON = js.interpreter_language_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN des_disability des_dis ON = js.des_disability_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN des_support_level des_sup ON = js.des_support_level_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN des_funding_level des_fun ON = js.des_funding_level_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN des_referral_phase des_ref ON = js.des_referral_phase_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN work_ready_status ws_r ON = js.work_ready_status_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN education_level_type js_edu_type ON = js.education_level_type_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_epp_status js_epp_stat ON = js.jobseeker_epp_status_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_jsci_status ON = js.jobseeker_jsci_status_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN referral_source ON = js.referral_source_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN user js_user ON js.user_id =        LEFT OUTER JOIN jobseeker_exit_reason jer on        LEFT OUTER JOIN party js_user_p ON js_user.party_id =        LEFT OUTER JOIN party_person js_user_pp ON js_user.party_id = js_user_pp.party_id        LEFT OUTER JOIN special_placement_client_type spct ON = js.special_placement_client_type_id

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