Administration Settings Overview

As an Administrator, you are able to modify various settings that affect the behaviour of certain features. Certain options will only be available, to users that have purchased any paid add-ons with their license. 

The gear icon is visible only to Administrators:

Upon clicking this icon, you will be taken to the Administration page.

The following items are available to customise: 



A pop-up will allow admin users to change some of the general settings and policies within their Job Ready instance, including; placement targets, email signature logo, SMS character limit/Contact list, the Default session duration and portal link expiry, Business rules, various Job Seeker Portal communication defaults as well as the business' default communication policy.

Support Settings

Within the support settings, users can adjust the PPS settings including the dates the automatic next support date is based on, the support visit frequency for the various steams of support, the placements which require support and the placements which are required to be tracked via the Outcome and Support trackers.

Site Lists

The site list tab contains an index of all the sites linked to a profile, from there the sites can be viewed, edited and caseload reviewed. 

Site Groups

This tab contains the groupings of various sites, for example, there may be a grouping called 'Greater Western Syndey' which would include the sites within that vicinity Site Groups are separated into two categories '1st Grouping' and '2nd Grouping'.


The user's index contains all users with access to the relevant instance of Job Ready, staging and production are independent with no syncing of data therefore users will have to be added to both if access is required. Admin staff can view, edit, reset passwords and lock users from this index.

Job End Reason

Users can view all Job end reasons that are recorded on Job Ready, the reasons can be edited. Users can also assign which Job End Reasons can be allocated to each support program.

Email Interceptions

Whitelisted emails are recognised by the system as approved to receive emails from the Job Ready automated email system. If you want to add a user to staging, they may need to be added to the whitelist to receive the initial registration email.


Single sign-on settings can be altered under the SAML SSO tab, displayed will be the current Valid IdP metadata. There is also the option to replace the metadata.

Note Templates

All the templates created by users for notes can be viewed in the Note template index. Templates can be edited and the relevant categories can be altered and deleted.

Letter Templates

Templates created regarding Letters can be viewed in the Letter template index. Letter Templates can be edited and categories altered and deleted. 

Letter Heads

This index contains all uploaded letterheads. Users can edit the name of the letterhead and upload a letterhead to supersede the original. Users can also delete letterheads from this Index.

SMS Templates

SMS templates are created, edited and assigned roles by admin users. Displayed in the index are the Name, Content, Category, Edit and Delete.

Email Templates

The email templates index is a collection of every email template saved and available on the Job Ready system. The Name of the template, Subject of the email, Content, relevant categories, the edit feature and delete features are available via the index page.

System Email Templates

These are the compulsory email templates, related to Job Seekers, including Rejection Email, Job Seeker Portal welcome email and the Job Seeker goods received email templates. Like with the email templates index; the name of the email is displayed as well as the email type, subject and the edit button.

License requirements

Listed in this index are various license types Job Seekers may require, features of this page include the ability to add licenses, edit the licence names and delete license requirements.

Job Match Attributes

These settings allow admin users to add common jobs and their requirements. This is useful for matching advertised jobs to Job seekers based on prefilled preferences on their profiles. This index has the name, resource type and edit function available.

Employer Regions

Job Ready has the ability to group employers based on regions. On this page, users can add a region, edit the name of the region and delete regions. If a Region is deleted it doesn't delete any data grouped under it, the data is ungrouped.

Under Job Seeker Portal Logo, a modal menu will display a preview of the logo and give the option to upload a new logo.

The links included within the Job Seeker Portal index includes links on the Portal that are categorised under 'Useful Links'. Links can be added, edited and deleted from this index.

Job Seeker Portal Contact Us Query Type

The Job Seeker Portal has "contact us query reasons" reasons that can be customised and added, to suit job providers. This index, stored in the admin settings can add, edit and delete reasons.

Job Seeker Portal Privacy Documentation

Privacy documentation is the forms and agreements that Job Seekers sign before accessing the Job Seeker Portal. There are two categories of documentation, mandatory and optional. Adding and editing documentation is available within the index.

Job Seeker Suggestion Rejection Reason

Suggestion Rejection Reason templates can be modified, viewed, added and deleted from the Rejection Reason index. These rejection reasons are related to Job Seekers that are recommended by the manager of that Job Seeker profile.

Lead Management Systems

Lead management involves recording new Job Seekers and how they found/came into the Job providers' database. Lead sources can be categorised into 'Sub Status', 'Why did you choose us', 'Lead Sub-sources' and 'Services of Interest'. Reasoning can be added and edited.


The Tags page of the Admin settings includes multiple indexes which organise all the created tags into Note Tags, Attachment Tags, Reminder Tags and Tags. Tags can be created, edited and deleted within these indexes.

Expense Invoice Tolerance

A modal will activate that will allow an Admin to adjust this expense invoice tolerance on a percentage basis.

Expense Credit Cards

This admin tab displays all the credit cards logged into a Job Ready instance, details can be edited and deleted.

Expense Payment Types

This index logs all the types of payments within a system, whether it's active or inactive, their Navision code, whether it's related to a credit card and if bank details are required. The option to edit the entries is available but deleting is not enabled due to potential previous uses within the audit history.

CCU Settings

Rejection reasons for a claim after a recommendation can be added and edited. This section is categorised into Additional info, CCU rejected reason and department rejection reason. This involves rejected claims, rejected recommendations and additional info.

Wage Histories

Verification sources for wage histories can be added, set to active or inactive and edited within the Wage histories index.

Contact Type

Various contact types relevant that are relevant to Job Seekers, Employers and saved Organisations can be edited and deleted from this index.

Expenses Type

All expense types relevant to particular programs whether that be DES, NEIS or TTW can be added and edited within separated categories. The description of the expense, the code, active status and programme are displayed within the Expense Type tab.

Smart Forms

All uploaded smart forms can be viewed with information relevant to name, category and programme. Editing this information is also available.

Placement Creation

The admin settings allow users to alter the placement creation defaults. Within this tab DES and JobActive can be edited, placement types, phase types and outcome start dates can be altered.

Login Experience

A modal will open where admins can edit the logo on the Job Ready log in page.

Reverse Marketing Activity Results

Different Reverse Marketing results can be organised into categories depending on the result of the activity, result categories can be added but not edited or deleted.

Company Types

Company types are used to filter for various industries in the 'All Employers' index, by adding a new company type in the admin settings the feature to add a 'New Company' becomes available in the 'Employers' category. Company types can be added, edited and deleted. 

Files Library

Files Library contains all files uploaded to Job Ready with categories relating to where the documents are relevant. Actions include viewing the document re-upload files, altering categories and deleting the files. 

Communication Preferences

This section gives the choice of preference for default communications, differentiated into Jobseekers and Organisations. These include Email, Phone (Call) and SMS. These options can be adjusted in any order.

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