In Job Ready, tags can be added to Notes, Attachments, Reminders, Job Seeker profiles, Employer profiles and Placements to add crucial information which can be filterable and viewed at a glance.

Tags are managed in the Admin setting where they are sorted in 4 indexes:

  • Note Tags
  • Attachment Tags
  • Reminder Tags
  • Tags

In the admin setting, there are options available to manage tags, each index has identical options and functionality:

  1. Create Tag - This will bring up a blank tag menu where an admin can add a name, select the relevant categories and the programmes that are applicable to the tag

  2. Name - The chosen name for the tag will be displayed

  3. Categories - The selected categories will be shown for ease of identification

  4. Programmes - The relevant programs that were selected when creating the tag will be visible

  5. Edit - This option allows the properties of the tag to be changed, the options are the same as the creation process

  6. Delete - Tags can be deleted and will be removed from every place they are applied

  7. Audit Trail - The history for all edits made to a tag as well as the user who made the edits will be displayed

Each tag index has the same options available but different categories depending on the type of tag; for example, Attachment tags can be categorised by the part of Job Ready they are applied (Appointment, Purchase Order, Query etc).

The 'Tags' index includes Tags that are applied against Job Seeker, Employer and Placement profiles.

Job Seeker tags can be added by clicking the edit button in the Job Seeker profile 'Personal Data'. The edit details modal will be displayed and the tags section is at the bottom of the modal.

With the Employer and Placement profiles, the tags can be found in the Comments section, by clicking the edit button, the comments section will be made available and the tags section is at the bottom.


Job Seeker, Employer and Placements tags can be filtered for in the respect indexes in 'All Job Seeker', 'All Employers' and 'All Placements' by applying the Tags filter and selecting the desired tags.

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