Job Ready Release Notes (09/08/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

Key Changes


Multifactor Authentication

For Job Ready clients not using Single Sign-On, we have implemented a Multifactor Authentication solution. Users can turn on Multifactor Authentication from their User Profile. You can read more about it here.


New Quest merge fields

Some exciting new changes have come to Quest forms!

We have added three new Job Seeker merge fields for use in your forms. You can now merge a Job Seeker's Email Address, Phone Number and Mobile Number from their record. 

New Multi-select element for Quest forms

Additionally, we have added a new multi-select element for Quest forms! 

Multi-select questions are built in the same way as radio buttons and dropdown menus. The element will look similar to a short text box in a Quest form. Click inside the field to open a drop down menu of selectable options. You can also type in this field to narrow down the options displayed.

In-line image support for Email

Emails out of Job Ready now support in-line images. When creating a new email or email template, click on the Image button in the editor ribbon. Enter the URL of your image in the Image Properties modal. The editor currently supports hosted images only.

Wage Histories data added to Outcome Tracker [Product Idea!]

You've told us how important it is to identify Placements that aren't meeting their hours requirements, and we agree! We've added a Wage History column to the Outcome Tracker to help you identify, at a glance, which Placements aren't on track based on their Wage History data.

Additionally, we've added a new filter to the Outcome Tracker to help you find the information you need faster. You can find all Placements where Wage Histories aren't on track with the 'Wage History On Track?' filter.


Push Workforce Australia Vacancies to Workforce Australia Online

We have resolved an issue preventing users from using the Push to ESS functionality from a Workforce Australia vacancy record.

Queries Kanban - Additional Info Required

Users without the Can manage queries permission were unable to provide additional information for a query marked Additional Info Required and could not change the status of a query to Additional Info Provided. This issue is now resolved, and the original requester of a Query can change the status to Additional Info Provided by clicking on the Edit Query State button from the Job Seeker record.

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