Job Ready Release Notes (04/10/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Workforce Australia Placement Outcome Tracking (Sub520) is now syncing in Job Ready

For those who have provided their subscriptions, Placement Outcome Tracking information for Workforce Australia is now syncing in Job Ready. This subscription provides Placement information and, importantly, provides the information needed for the Outcome Tracker to support your teams.

If you have not yet provided the Job Ready team with your Sub520 information, you can do so by filling out this form.

For more information on how to create a Workforce Australia Subscription, please check out our Help Article.

New Professional Service Activities Index Page

To facilitate reporting on Professional Service Activities, we have built a new Professional Service Activities Index Page. To access this page, click on Referrals in the side-bar, then select All Referral Activities.

This Index Page provides reportable information about the Job Seeker receiving a service and the details of an intervention being provided. The Professional Service Activities Index Page can be exported to CSV.

Professional Service Activities Filters

A number of filters are available to use on the Professional Service Activities index page, with more to be added in subsequent releases. The currently available filters are:

  • Job Seeker Name
  • Job Seeker ID
  • Job Seeker Stream
  • Job Seeker Region
  • Programme
  • Program Name
  • Program Category
  • Intervention Provided By
  • Activity Exists (Yes/No)


DES Period of Service filter added to All Job Seekers Index Page

On the All Job Seekers Index Page, users can now filter for Job Seekers with a DES Period of Service within a range of days.

Additional filters added to the All Program Referrals Index Page

The following filters have been added to the All Program Referrals Index Page:

  • Job Seeker Region
  • Activity Exists (Yes/No)
  • Program Name
  • Job Seeker ID

Placements with an Outcome Not Payable Reason will no longer project Claims

Claims will no longer project on Placements if there is an Outcome Not Payable reason for that record. An Outcome Not Payable reason is available to view under the Placement Details panel of a record.

The Claims tooltip has been updated to reflect this change.

Customer Support Plan Templates [Product Idea!]

In Admin Settings, Admin users can now create Action Plan Templates to use! 

To create a new Action Plan, go to Action Plan Settings and open the Plan Templates tab. Click the + button to get started!

As you select the Programmes your Plan Template will be used for, Goals that you've already created under Action Plan Settings will be available to select from. 

When clicking on Customer Support Plan + in a Job Seeker record, a modal will appear to select the template created in Admin Settings.

Additional changes to Customer Support Plans

The following additional changes have been made to the Customer Support Plan workflow:

  • For Job Ready instances using the Public URL when emailing Customer Support Plans to Job Seekers, all Plan information is now de-identified.
  • The ability to approve or reject Recommended Goals is now available to all Users except Professional Services Staff members.

Update to Outcome Tracking behaviour for jobActive Placements

Please note that Workforce Australia Placements will be unaffected by these changes.

The following changes have been added for jobActive Outcome Tracking behaviour:

  • jobActive Job Seekers can no longer track to a Partial Outcome for a 26 week claim. Where a jobActive Job Seeker is not tracking to a Full Outcome, their Outcome Type will instead be At Risk.
  • Where a Permissible Break has been added during a 4 or 12 week Outcome Period, the Claim Outcome Type can not be Partial.

Previously, email notifications from Job Ready would include hyperlinked text to take Users to the record a notification was referring to. Raw links that can be copied and pasted into your web browser can now be enabled for these notifications. Please contact Job Ready Support to have these turned on. 


  • Fixed an issue that removed the "Why did you choose us?" and "Sub Status" filters from the All Job Seekers Index Page.
  • Removed a duplicated "Job Plan Status Date" filter from the All Job Seekers Index Page.
  • Job Ready will now display a generic message when attempting to reset a password, regardless of if an email address exists in the Job Ready instance.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Progress Payments from being submitted to CCU if using a Form note template.
  • The "Result - No Result Entered" filter on the All Appointments Index Page now correctly displays results with no result entered.
  • Fixed an issue where completed Action Plan reminders were not correctly displaying in the Completed tab.
  • Correct feedback will be provided to users when trying to bulk update Customer Coordinator when no checkboxes are selected.
  • Projections for Advanced Wage Histories, where a Permissible Break has been added to a Placement, will now push out correctly.

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