Introducing Meeting Wizard: Streamlining Meeting Management in Job Ready

The Meeting Wizard is a new feature that enhances meeting management for Employer, Company, and Grouped entities in Job Ready. This tool allows users to seamlessly create, prepare, and document meetings, streamlining the entire meeting process. With three key components, the Meeting Wizard ensures efficient collaboration and organization before, during, and after meetings.


The Three Key Components of Meeting Wizard

1. Pre-Meeting: Add the Meeting with Key Details and Prepare the Agenda

Before the meeting takes place, users can leverage the Meeting Wizard to add a new meeting occurrence with essential details. This feature simplifies the process of scheduling meetings and ensures all vital information is captured accurately. The key meeting details include:

  • Meeting Title
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Attendees List
  • Meeting Purpose



After entering the meeting details, users can proceed to the next step - preparing the agenda. With access to a template library, administrators can configure agenda templates that align with the organization's needs. Selecting the appropriate agenda template, users can further customize it if necessary. Once the agenda is ready, the user has the option to send it to attendees directly from Job Ready.


2. During and Post Meeting: Document and Send Minutes

During and after the meeting, the Meeting Wizard provides a comprehensive set of features to effectively document the proceedings and send out minutes. Once a meeting occurrence is active, users can perform the following actions:



  • Access Form Library: If any changes are required to the agenda, users can conveniently access the form library to select the relevant agenda template and update it accordingly.
  • Save and Email Agenda as PDF: After the meeting, users can save the finalized agenda and email it as a PDF to the organization. This ensures key meeting details are well-documented and shared seamlessly.
  • Edit and Submit Agenda: If there are any additional inputs or changes following the meeting, users can easily edit and submit the agenda for future reference.
  • Send Completed Agenda: Once all necessary edits are complete, users can send the completed agenda as a PDF to the organization, ensuring everyone stays informed.
  • Add Separate Notes: The Meeting Wizard allows users to add separate notes that are not part of the official agenda, promoting better collaboration and record-keeping.
  • Edit Meeting Key Details: If any meeting details need to be updated or modified, users can easily edit the key details without hassle.
  • Mark Meeting as Done: Once all tasks related to the meeting are accomplished, users can mark the meeting as done, keeping a clear record of completed meetings.


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With the introduction of the Meeting Wizard, Job Ready empowers organizations with a comprehensive solution for efficient meeting management. From pre-meeting preparations to real-time collaboration during the meeting and post-meeting documentation, the Meeting Wizard streamlines the entire process.

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