Requesting Electronic Signatures from Job Seekers via Job Seeker Portal

The Job Seeker Portal offers an efficient way to request electronic signatures from Job Seekers for important documents. This feature enables easy document approval, notification, and access to signed documents directly from the Job Seeker's profile. This helpdesk article provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this functionality to streamline document processing and enhance the user experience.


Requesting Electronic Signatures:

Access Job Ready and navigate to the desired Job Seeker's profile.

Go to the "Attachments" section and select the document that requires a signature.

Click on the "Request" button, which will prompt the system to send an email notification to the Job Seeker.



Email Notification to Job Seeker:

Once the document is requested for signature, the Job Seeker will receive an email notification indicating that there is a pending document that requires their approval.

The email will contain a brief description of the document and provide a direct link to the Job Seeker Portal for quick access.


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Approving the Document:

The Job Seeker can access the Job Seeker Portal by following the link provided in the email notification or by logging in directly.

In the portal, the Job Seeker will find the pending document under the "View and Sign Document" section.



By clicking “View & Sign Document”, the Job Seeker can review the content and details before proceeding with the approval.

To approve the document, the Job Seeker will click on the "Accept & Sign" button, the enter their electronic signature.



Viewing Signed Documents:

Once the Job Seeker approves the document, it will be automatically saved in the attachments tab of their Job Seeker profile.

The signed document can be accessed by navigating to the "Attachments" section, where all approved documents are stored.

Users can review, download, and print signed documents from this section at any time.




By leveraging the electronic signature functionality within the Job Seeker Portal, users can request and obtain signatures seamlessly, saving time and effort for both staff and Job Seekers. The streamlined process enhances document management, facilitates compliance, and improves overall user experience. For any additional support or questions, please reach out to our support team.

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