Document Scanning for PII Protection in Job Seeker Profiles

Ensuring the security and privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) is of utmost importance in any system dealing with sensitive data. To strengthen protection against PII breaches and unauthorized access, we have introduced a new functionality in the Job Seeker profile - the Document Scanning Service.


This service scans documents attached to the profile, searching for the Job Seeker's key details to confirm a document-owner match. This helpdesk article provides an overview of the functionality, its capabilities, and how it enhances data protection.


How Does the Document Scanning Service Work?

The Document Scanning Service is designed to automatically scan attached documents within the Job Seeker profile. It detects the Job Seeker's name, email address, ESS ID and referred name within the text of the documents.


If a match is found, the system confirms the document-owner match, adding an extra layer of protection to prevent potential PII breaches, the attachment will then upload against the Job Seeker Profile without warning.


If a match is not found, there will be a confirmation section within the modal that prompts users to tick a box confirming that this document is related to this Job Seeker.


Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Data Protection: The Document Scanning Service acts as an intelligent safeguard against PII breaches by verifying the document's ownership before linking sensitive information.


Targeted Document Scanning: The scanning service focuses on text content only, disregarding images to streamline the scanning process and improve efficiency.


Confirmation Prompt: The system displays a confirmation prompt when it cannot find matching details, ensuring that only verified users gain access to sensitive documents.


Utilizing the Document Scanning Service:

Navigate to the Job Seeker profile and access the "Attachments" and the "Resume" section.

This functionality will soon be coming to email attachments.

Upload the document you wish to associate with the Job Seeker's profile.

The Document Scanning Service will automatically scan the uploaded document for the Job Seeker's name and other key details.

If the name is successfully matched, the document will be linked to the Job Seeker's profile.

In cases where a match cannot be confirmed, a prompt will appear, indicating further verification is required.



The Document Scanning Service currently only scans text content and does not process images within the documents.

The functionality searches for the presence of data and confirms the document-owner match, but it does not check for the absence of other people's data.


Our Document Scanning Service is a valuable addition to the Job Seeker profile, offering an extra layer of protection and prevention against PII breaches.


By automatically scanning and verifying the presence of the Job Seeker's name in attached documents, the system ensures that only verified users can access sensitive information. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support team.

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