Configuring Lead Settings in Job Ready

Job Ready now offers robust lead management capabilities, allowing administrators to configure various lead settings and tailor the system to meet specific business needs. In this helpdesk article, we will explore the different lead configuration options available to users with an admin role in Job Ready.

Whether it's managing lead sources, sub statuses, answering the "why did you choose us" question, or customizing lead stages and sub-stages, this guide will walk you through the steps and options available for efficient lead management in Job Ready.


Lead Source Configuration:

The "Lead Source" section in Job Ready serves as an index of lead sources, displaying the name of each lead source and its active status. Inactive lead sources are excluded from drop-down menus to streamline lead selection. To configure lead sources, users need only an admin role in Job Ready, ensuring a seamless setup process.


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Lead Substates Management:

The "Lead Substates" section in Job Ready empowers administrators to create and manage sub statuses associated with lead statuses. Administrators can create new sub statuses, link them to specific lead statuses, and configure their settings. Additionally, sub statuses can be set to active or inactive as per organizational requirements.


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Customizing "Why Did You Choose Us" Responses:

The "Why Did You Choose Us" question in Job Ready allows organizations to gain valuable insights from leads. This section provides configurable answers that can be managed via the admin settings. Administrators have the flexibility to tailor response options to align with their unique business propositions.


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Managing Lead Sub sources:

Linking lead sub sources to their corresponding lead sources is a crucial aspect of lead management in Job Ready. Admins can effortlessly create new lead sub sources and set their active or inactive status, ensuring a well-organized and informative lead repository.



Setting Service of Interest Preferences:

The "Service of Interest" section in Job Ready enables administrators to categorize leads based on their points of interest within the organization. This section supports customization and allows for the activation or deactivation of service options to streamline lead categorization.


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Lead Stage and Substage Customization:

Admins in Job Ready have the power to create and configure lead stages and sub-stages based on the organization's lead management workflow. By setting stages as active or inactive, administrators can precisely define the lead progression process.



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Additional Configuration Options:

Under the "Lead Configuration" section in Job Ready, administrators can fine-tune lead management settings to align with their operational requirements. Key options include:

  1. Auto Create Reminders for Transfer Leads: Administrators can choose to automatically create reminders for transferred leads, streamlining follow-up processes.
  2. Lead Days for Reminder: Customize the lead days for reminders, ensuring timely follow-ups and reducing lead response time.
  3. Kanban Closed/Convert Column Daily Limit: Define the daily limit for closing or converting leads within the Kanban board in Job Ready, maintaining an organized workflow.
  4. Company Lead Close Days: Set the number of days after which a lead will be automatically closed, optimizing lead closure efficiency.
  5. Jobseeker Leads Auto Close Days: Configure the auto-close duration for jobseeker leads, ensuring prompt follow-ups and a smooth lead nurturing process.


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Configuring lead settings in Job Ready is a straightforward process that empowers administrators to manage leads efficiently. By understanding the different sections and options available for customization in Job Ready, administrators can tailor the lead management workflow to suit their organization's unique requirements. Whether it's configuring lead sources, sub-statuses, service preferences, or lead stages, Job Ready provides lead management tools to streamline lead tracking and conversion. 

For any questions or assistance, our dedicated support team at Job Ready is always ready to help.

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