Configuring Action Plans in Job Ready

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The ability to configure action plans is a crucial feature that enables organisations to tailor their support to job seekers effectively. Action plans provide a structured approach to achieving goals and milestones. This article will guide you through the configuration of action plans, highlighting the key configurable options, including goal types, goals, action plan settings, goal actions, plan templates, and time frames.


Key Configurable Options

Goal Types

Goal types serve as broad categories that can be configured to categorise goals within action plans. These categories help organise and classify goals based on their nature. Common goal type categories may include Transport, Job Searching, and Upskilling/Training.

There is the option to select a default goal type value and selectable goal types can be toggled by selecting/deselecting the active checkbox. Inactive goal types cannot be selected within relevant dropdowns.



Goals are the standard objectives that form the core of action plans. These objectives are configured to define the overarching purpose of the action plan.

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Goals can be configured on a programme-by-programme basis allowing personalisation for general goals per active programme. Goals are also toggled active/inactive by the checkbox within the edit goal modal.


Action Plan Configuration

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Action Plan Configuration offers three essential options for customisation:

  • Action Plan Status Workflow: When unticked, this option hides the status fields within the action plan.

  • Can Email Action Plan: Unticking this option hides the "Email Action Plan" button, preventing users from sending action plans via email.

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  • Comment Mandatory: Disabling this option removes the mandatory field for comments when marking a reminder as complete, giving users flexibility in adding comments to action plans.


Goal Actions

Goal Actions are default prerequisites that must be completed to achieve specific goals within action plans. These actions can be determined within the workflow and ensure that goals are met systematically.



Goal actions can be allocated to Job Seekers and Case Managers with the Job Seeker to action check box determining who has to complete a task. Due dates can be configured if the tick box is applied and there can be a standard timeframe applied to goal actions by default.


Plan Templates

Action plan templates provide a way to pre-configure action plans with a list of default goals. These templates are incredibly useful for standardising workflows and include the entire sequence of tasks needed to achieve an overarching goal. For instance, a template for obtaining a driver's license might include goals like "Pass Written Test," "Complete Driving Lessons," and "Pass Driving Test."


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Time Frames

Time frames allow users to set specific durations for achieving goals within action plans. These time frames can be customised through admin settings. Users can also determine if a "due at" value is required when selecting a time frame, ensuring clarity and accountability in goal achievement.


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Timeframes are organisation-specific, they could be differentiated by Long Term/Short Term or they could be allocated as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.



By customising goal types, defining goals, and utilising action plan settings, goal actions, plan templates, and time frames, administrators can create structured, efficient, and effective action plans that guide job seekers toward their objectives.


Remember that the flexibility of action plan configuration allows you to adapt to the evolving needs of your clients, making it an indispensable tool in providing high-quality support and services.

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